Mobility the Future of Fleet

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Details on the Mobility the Future of Fleet Video Sessions

1. Can Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles Work for your Organization Today?
Do you think self-driving vehicles are far off?  Many vehicles on the broader autonomous spectrum are seen regularly on our roads and even level 4 autonomous vehicles can be used TODAY in specific locations. Hear from innovators taking the lead in implementing this technology and using fully autonomous vehicles in specific applications. Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the autonomous vehicle levels, including NHTSA and SAE definitions
  2. Learn how autonomous vehicles are being piloted today, and identify specific use-cases for your environment
  3. Determine how to manage autonomous vehicles within your own fleet
  • Tim Schock, Senior Director of Business Development - NAVYA
  • Chris Keefe, VP of Autonomous Programs - Aurrigo
2. Mobility-as-a-Service: The Business Opportunity You Cannot Ignore
Can Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) completely replace car ownership? It can be both an alternative to fleets, and a business opportunity for fleet and mobility managers. Forward-looking fleet organizations recognize that carsharing and ride-hailing can replace vehicle ownership and mobility allowances can replace cars. But how many fleet organizations see the business opportunity of sharing their assets?

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand various models of MaaS
  2. Learn how carsharing, ride hailing, ridesharing and car hailing can fit with a fleet manager’s objectives
  3. Identify business opportunities for MaaS
  • Samuel Baker, COO - Wunder Mobility
  • Andy Boenau, Director of Mobility Strategy - Gotcha
  • David Winterstein, CEO - Velocia
3. Drones, Trucks, and Pods: Moving "Stuff" Autonomously
Early uses of fully autonomous vehicles may involve moving “stuff” rather than people. Autonomous logistics could see short- and long-term success as we evolve from autonomous trucks moving goods within a warehouse to a larger campus to long distances. Add in drones for parcel delivery and you could have a synchronized, autonomous distribution chain for your goods.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Know the “state of play” of autonomous logistics
  2. Consider the benefits of autonomous technology in long-range freight forwarding
  3. Learn about examples of last-mile logistics with autonomous shuttles (and drones)
  • Emmanuele Spera, CEO - NEXT Future Transportation Inc.
  • Jamare Bates, Director UAS Operations - Black & Veatch
  • Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder & CEO - DRONAMICS
  • Rob Roy, President - Royal Truck & Equipment Inc.
4. Who's In? Connecting Cars and Players in Mobility
The Mobility Ecosystem involves a full gambit of partners needed to optimize vehicle connectivity, autonomy and sharing. This includes clusters of companies across the value chain of the ecosystem such as car cleaning services, fleet management companies, telematics companies and others. Who do you need to partner with to make your future mobility strategy succeed?

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify the benefits of (corporate) carsharing and on-demand mobility for your fleet
  2. Learn how to prepare for an autonomous future tomorrow, with connectivity today
  3. Know who to partner with within this new Mobility Ecosystem.
  • Mark Thomas, VP Marketing/Alliances - Ridecell