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Advancing Into Mobility

Mobility” is the future of “fleet.”  Will YOU be left behind?

Get the I&E Training That Will Have You Beginning Your Transformation to “Mobility” from “Fleet”

 “Mobility” concepts are so important to fleet that NAFA dedicated an entire day to it at the 2019 Institute & Expo.  Why?  Because it saves fleets time and money and increases their performance.
To help you begin your own mobility revolution, NAFA captured four of the best I&E mobility education sessions to help you be a change agent in fleet:
  • Mobility-as-a-Service: The Business Opportunity You Cannot Ignore
  • Drones, Trucks, and Pods: Moving “Stuff” Autonomously
  • Who’s In? Connecting Cars and Players in Mobility
  • Can Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles Work for your Organization Today?

This four-video bundle, “Advancing into Mobility,” is just $99, or get individual session videos for only $49! 

Recorded at the 2019 NAFA I&E, it features experts from NAVYA, Wunder Mobility, Black & Veatch, NEXT Future Transportation, DRONAMICS, Ridecell, and more.
Start planning for mobility, so you won’t be left behind!  Pre-order the four-video “Advancing into Mobility” package today.
This session package is also eligible for 1 CAFM®/CAFS® recertification point.

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