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1. Driving Habits - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Your drivers have been developing their behind-the-wheel habits from the moment they first sat behind the wheel.  Some of these habits are safe (The Good), some are dangerous (The Bad) and some of these habits are absolutely ridiculous (The Ugly).  This presentation will discuss the good habits drivers should exhibit and provide pointers on how to promote those good habits in your fleet, identify bad habits and solutions to mitigate them, and expose the ugly habits and how to eradicate them.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Promote good and safe driving habits
  2. Recognize and improve bad and unsafe driving habits
  3. Eradicate ridiculous, unsafe and ugly driving habits
  • Phil Moser, Associate Director of Global Driver Safety - Syneos Health
2. Right Size, Right Now: The 5 Critical Components You May Be Missing
You’ve been told to right-size your fleet. Where do you start? This presentation uses real-world examples presented by experts across the industry who have “been there and done that.” They will explain where to start, how to prioritize tasks, what data is needed and how to celebrate success.   Right-sizing is not for the faint of heart and any advice that eases the process is welcome.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Define right-sizing goals and objectives unique to your fleet operation
  2. Break down what may seem like insurmountable challenges into manageable pieces
  3. Achieve and celebrate success immediately, and in the long-term
  • Tammy Lopez, Customer Service & Program Manager - Cornell University
  • Ed Smith, President - Agile Fleet
  • Sherri Irwin, Director of Vehicle and Travel Services – State of Michigan
  • Kathy Wellik, CAFM, Director - Iowa State University Transportation Services
  • Steven Minter, Branch Manager - Kentucky Department of Agriculture
3. Sharing is Caring: Implementing Car Sharing in Your Fleet
Fleets often struggle with proper “rightsizing” of assets. Do you have too many vehicles? Not enough? The right kinds? Have you thought of “fleetsharing” as your possible answer to these issues?  Car sharing programs are no longer a simple version of rent-by-the-hour. They have morphed into a culture that can be an integrated part of a fleet strategy focused on meeting operation requirements while minimizing fleet size. In this session we will discuss methods used and how you can implement a fleetsharing model in your business to improve vehicle utilization, control cost, and examine the environmental footprint of your fleet.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Discover the benefits of car sharing for fleets
  2. Gain an understanding of implementing a car share environment within your fleet while incorporating alternative modes of mobility
  3. Uncover cost savings in a fleetshare environment
  • Juan Gabarro, Director of Product Marketing - Zipcar
  • Jean Pilon-Bignell, AVP, Government & Smart City - Geotab

4. Forget Magic: Use These Proven Strategies to Reduce TCO
This session will be a panel of fleet managers sharing practical and actionable learnings that you can take back to the office and implement. We would all love to find a magic solution to improve the cost of ownership and efficiency of our fleets.  Maybe we don’t need magic after all, as these case studies cover practical and successful tips in the areas of fleet policy, leased and owned funding models, tips to manage operating costs, the importance of vehicle selection and remarketing considerations, managing field behavior, and examples of how to successfully gather organizational buy-in.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Review initiatives implemented by fleet managers and the corresponding impact they had on their organizations
  2. Understand the process to determine and successfully implement initiatives specific to your fleet that will lower costs
  3. Evaluate the best practices around gathering organizational buy-in through measuring the initiative and demonstrating tangible results
  • Henry Kayler, Sr. Purchasing Manager - Vestas Wind Technologies
  • Kris Peterinelli, Fleet/Supply Chain Manager - Jubilant Draximage Radiopharmacies
  • Brent Miller, IT / Senior Financial Analyst - Heart to Heart Hospice
5. Embracing Change to Survive and Thrive in Fleet Management
As volumes of available data, technologies, and analytics grow at a rapid pace and market needs and conditions shift under our feet, it’s paramount for fleet and mobility professionals to challenge the status quo to remain competitive. But how?  Entrepreneur Tyler Raugh shares stories from the trenches. From the first gas can to the eighth generation tanker engineered, Raugh shares how he and his team embraces challenges quickly and use data to move swiftly. In this session, we will discuss how innovative organizations are embracing a “start-up” approach thereby improving products, processes, and outcomes to keep pace with the rapidly-changing business environment.  Take away from this session a practical framework to help your fleet be more nimble and innovative.
Learning Objectives:
  1. Determinethe most effective methods to empower employees to challenge the status quo and consistently think like a start-up
  2. Identify ROI best practices
  3. Learn best in class change management procedures and communications
  • Tyler Raugh, President of Fleet - Booster Fuels