NAFA's Invaluable Education
Delivered DIRECT to Your Workplace, Chapter or Event

For more information or to book a NAFADirect program, contact:
Chris Goyette
NAFA Fleet Management Association



NAFADirect provides on-site specialized fleet training for your team, offering maximum efficiency with little out-of-office time.  NAFADirect does this by:
  • ​Bringing on-site trainers to your company, chapter meeting or event
  • Reaching more of your team at once than off-site training typically allows
  • Customizing the training you want when you need it


Virtually all of NAFA's fleet training offerings are available through NAFADirect!  These include:
Discipline Training Skills Training
  • From Unsung Hero to Rising Star: Selling the Value of Fleet Management
  • Recognizing & Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace
  • How to Conduct a Fleet Audit
  • How to Conduct a Lifecycle Cost Analysis


NAFADirect offers the same sessions and materials we deliver in our in-person and web-based trainings, or you can customize your training to include specific needs.  You can even request a new training module to be developed and presented to your team!

NAFADirect offers three training options:
  1. NAFA's CAFM®/CAFS® - certified trainers visit you
  2. Your CAFM/CAFS - certified trainer presents
  3. NAFA provides ready-to-go materials for teams to progress without a trainer

CAFM Boot Camps offered through NAFADirect:
Our popular CAFM boot camps through NAFADirect can range from single sessions all the way up to the multi-day, eight-session full boot camp program.  All NAFADirect CAFM boot camps include:​
  • Online reference guides, study guides and practice test questions for each attendee
  • Presentation (2 to 3 hours per module)
  • Exam sittings (for both advancement in the CAFM program, or Fleet Discipline Certificates for each of the eight CAFM modules)
  • CAFM-qualified instructor


NAFADirect offers competitive pricing that is significantly lower than sending your teams to off-site locations or far-away cities.  Costs include travel for instructors (when needed) and product licensing and exam fees.  NAFA Chapters also can obtain NAFADirect training at their chapter meetings, or as part of special events, taking advantage of exclusive pricing.

To inquire about pricing for your specific needs, please contact NAFA today!

For more information or to book a NAFADirect program, contact:
Chris Goyette
NAFA Fleet Management Association