Reducing Fleet Costs in a COVID-19 World: Right Sizing Strategies for Success

Event Date: 07/28/2021

Times: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Event location:


The financial impact of COVID-19 on fleet finances is expected to exceed $200 billion according to the National Association of Counties. Costs associated with idle vehicles stand out as a significant area of financial waste.
What can you do to make sure your fleet costs stay in control while your vehicles slowly return to a “new normal?” 
Examine ways to reduce the cost of idle vehicles due to COVID-19 slowdowns and learn strategies for moving forward with a right-sized fleet by attending this webinar.
In this webinar, the fleet experts of Agile Fleet will show you how to:

  1. Address the financial impact of reduced utilization during pandemic conditions
  2. Consider new strategies for managing 1:1 assigned vehicles vs vehicles shared in a motor pool
  3. Investigate vehicle-by-vehicle options and summarizing vehicle redeployment options
  4. Take advantage of the slow-down in fleet operations to explore new strategies for moving forward successfully, and more 

This supplier webinar is presented by Agile Fleet.

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