Leadership Experience

Leadership Experience Agenda

Live Sessions will provide the best opportunity for engagement, however sessions will be recorded for viewing as needed. 

July 29: Noon-1:00 pm EDT
Module 1: Creating Our Future Together

  • Participants will understand the purpose and goals of the new NAFA Leadership Experience and the expectations of them as participants in this program. 

  • Participants will take an active role in identifying critical factors to help NAFA achieve its strategic plan.

July 30-August 4    
Discussion Board

August 5, Noon-1:00 pm EDT    
Module 2: Understanding the Power of Mindpower

  • Participants will understand the concept of cognitive overload and how it may impact them as NAFA leaders and volunteers.

  • Participants will understand what it means to have a growth mindset approach to aid in managing overload and building confidence for change.

August 6-11    
Discussion Board

August 12, Noon-1:00 pm EDT    
Module 3: Harnessing Your Mindpower for Changing Times 

  • Participants will understand what happens within their brains during times of change and transition.

  • Participants will learn how to apply a growth mindset to navigating changes that may be coming for NAFA and their organizations.

August 13-18    
Discussion Board

August 19, Noon-1:00 pm EDT    
Module 4: Tying it All Together 

  • Participants will understand the when and the why of necessary change for NAFA

  • Participants will apply what they have learned to help build NAFA’s future

August 20-26     
Discussion Board 

Week of Aug 30    
Celebration and engagement opportunity at NAFA I&E (Optional)