Leadership Experience

Leadership Experience

Formerly known as the NAFA Leadership Forum, the NAFA Leadership Experience has been revamped and expanded for 2021 and beyond. This re-imagined leadership event gathers current and future NAFA leaders of all levels who are looking to make a greater impact on NAFA’s future as well as their own company and career.
This year’s Leadership Experience focuses on “Embracing the New Normal”. The event will cover how participants can navigate through accepting and integrating the changes that have occurred over the past year into their NAFA leadership position, their personal lives and their professional work, enabling them to apply lessons to the unknown and help them lead as they return in differing ways to their offices over the coming months and year. This year’s event will be taking place from July 29 to August 26, 2021.”

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Through virtual activities, attendees will engage in facilitated interactive live sessions and ongoing discussion forums and activities related to NAFA’s core values of integrity, leadership, and community. Attendees will be able to engage in NAFA’s future, foster their leadership and growth mindset and learn how to show progress and the impact they have on the organization. 

Four modules will encompass:

  • Module 1: Creating Our Future Together

  • Module 2: Understanding the Power of Mindpower

  • Module 3: Harnessing Your Mindpower for Changing Times

  • Module 4: Tying it All Together

After each session, participants will engage in daily online interactions through community discussions and activities related to that week’s session module. Attendees will be able to engage daily with the posted activities to earn participation points for raffled prizes.

The experience will culminate at NAFA’s 2021 I&E in Pittsburgh, PA with a celebration and recognition event. Attendance at I&E is not required to participate in and complete the Leadership Experience program.
Who Should Attend
The NAFA Leadership Experience is open to all NAFA committee and volunteers leaders, as well as future NAFA members who are not current leaders, who are members who want to engage in building the future of NAFA while furthering their professional and personal growth. 
Registration is free as a NAFA member benefit, but space is limited.

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