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This five-hour video package offers you ideas, tips, best practices, and guidance for moving your fleet forward. Capturing some of the best sessions at NAFA’s Institute & Expo 2019 in Louisville, hear from some of the fleet industry’s leaders on a variety of the hottest topics affecting fleet and mobility, including:

  • Proven Strategies to Reduce TCO

  • Right Size, Right Now: The Five Critical Components You May Be Missing

  • Driving Habits: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  • Embracing Change to Survive and Thrive in Fleet Management

  • Implementing Car Sharing In Your Fleet

Price: $99

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 “Mobility” concepts save fleets time and money and increases their performance.

Four of the best I&E mobility sessions to help you be a change agent in fleet:

  • Mobility-as-a-Service: The Business Opportunity You Cannot Ignore

  • Drones, Trucks, and Pods: Moving Stuff Autonomously

  • Connecting Cars and Players in Mobility

  • Can Level Four Autonomous Vehicles Work for your Organization Today?

 Four-video bundle price: $99
Individual session price: $49


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This session package is eligible for one CAFM/CAFS recertification point.


Selling into Fleet provides more than six hours of solutions for the challenges you face as a supplier of fleet services and products. This fleet sales training package covers six key sessions presented especially for fleet industry suppliers:

  • Understanding Complex Decision Making in Fleet

  • Fleet Talk: What Suppliers Need to Know About Fleet Demographics

  • Prepare for Your Clients’ Future Needs TODAY

  • RFP Responses and Presentations So Clients Can’t Say No 

  • One More Happy Customer: Creating SLAs That Work

  • Customer Retention Through Trust-Based Partnerships

Six-video bundle price: $149
Individual session price: $49


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This session package is eligible for one CAFM/CAFS recertification point.