NAFA produces informational and educational guides to assist you in mastering your  responsibilites. From lifecycle cost analysis to driver safety, these products examine core competencies of fleet management as well as subjects of particular interest in a wide variety of formats.

Available Publications

Asset Management Guide (e-Download)

This guide covers Asset Management responsibilities such as vehicle selection, procurement, commissioning, disposal, remarketing and decommissioning. Because fleet assets and costs related to these assets often represent a significant portion of an organization’s net value and operating expenses, fleet managers that are skilled in Asset Management can significantly improve an organization’s profitability and/or cost effectiveness.

Business Management Guide (e-Download)

This Guide covers a diverse selection of business skills that can assist a fleet professional in general management functions. It covers business law, the Request for Proposal process, policy and procedure writing and emergency preparedness, all from a fleet perspective.

Financial Management Guide (e-Download)

How does lifecycle cost analysis help quantify the decision-making process for determining when a piece of equipment needs replacing? How can you use benchmarking principles to ensure your fleet operates at its optimum?

Fleet Maintenance Job Descriptions (e-Download)

This convenient e-download presents a collection of 15 model job descriptions for positions typical to many fleet maintenance organizations, with a matrix connecting positions to ASE tests. Job descriptions are not NAFA-endorsed, but member-collected samples conveniently provided in Word format.

Fleet Maintenance Operations Guide (e-Download)

A complete Maintenance Staffing Guide and more. This is an in-depth coverage of the essential maintenance principles of in-house, contracted or outsourced maintenance.

Global Fleet Guide (e-Download)

Whether you are new to global fleet management or have been managing an international fleet for several years, NAFA’s Global Fleet Guide will set a standard of excellence for your dealings within and outside your organization, with customers, suppliers, and drivers.

Law Guide For Fleet Professionals (e-Download)

Your organization has legal counsel to guide you. The NAFA Law Guide provides a wealth of knowledge on key legal subjects to assist you in knowing when you need legal assistance and help you talk over fleet issues with the lawyers. This product covers basic business and tort law with fleet application.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets (Flash Drive)

NAFA's Lifecycle Cost Analysis for Fleets was created to show fleet managers how to implement the use of analytical financial modeling within their vehicle fleets.

NAFA Vehicle Classification System (e-Download)

Comprehensive and flexible enough to apply to any fleet application, the NAFA Standard Vehicle & Equipment Classification Code addresses the deficiencies of the various classification schemes in use today.

NAFA's Fleet Information Management Guide (e-download)

NAFA's Fleet Information Management Guide provides a thorough review of the fundamentals of fleet information management. 

NEW - The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Fleet Utilization & Achieving a Right-Sized Fleet

The Ultimate Guide offers an in-depth look at how to understand and change your fleet utilization.  Whether you are new to the fleet industry or have spent years managing vehicle fleets, this e-book is for you.  In it you will learn about:
  • Utilization basics:  Capacity and demand
  • Common fleet utilization metrics
  • Fleet utilization studies, including baselining, setting targets, affecting change, and continuously analyzing utilization
  • The importance of fleet policy relative to utilization
  • Discrete initiatives to consider that will improve fleet utilization
The Ultimate Guide was developed by Agile Fleet in cooperation with NAFA Fleet Management Association.

NEW-Fuel Management Guide (e-Download)

Effective fuel management is an integral part of fleet operations because fuel prices can fluctuate substantially due to many factors outside the organization.  Fleet managers must comply with environmental regulations regarding fuel. The fleet manager should also know about alternative fuels and the technologies associated with them.

Professional Development Guide (e-Download)

The Professional Development Guide provides the tools to enable a fleet manager to excel professionally and demonstrate their value within an organization.

Risk Management Guide (e-Download)

NAFA's Risk Management Guide provides fleet managers the tools to identify, quantify and mitigate risk across the fleet and organization on a regular basis.

Sustainable Fleet Guide (e-Download)

This guide discusses how sustainability is an important consideration in all aspects of business operations, especially fleet management. Ensuring fleet operations are sustainable from acquisition through to vehicle remarketing, is a critical function of fleet management. All of this information can be applied by fleet managers to assist them in becoming a NAFA-accredited sustainable fleet.