NAFA Sunshine State Chapter Invites you to 100 Best in The City of Clearwater

Event Date: 01/24/2019

Times:9 AM-2 PM; January 24, 2019

Event location: The City of Clearwater Fleet Facility
1900 Grand Avenue; Clearwater, FL 33765


Miami-Dade Fleet Department, City of Clearwater;
NAFA, Florida Clean Cities &
The 100 Best Fleets in The Americas™
Solutions to the Biggest Fleet Challenges in 2019;
Best Practices from The 100 Best Fleets
Join us for one of the two Florida The 100 Best Fleets forums in January:
·    Miami-Dade Fleet Facility on January 23, 2019 from 9am-2pm
·    City of Clearwater Fleet Facility on January 24, 2019 from 9am-2pm.
Join one of these two interactive round-table discussion with the best fleet minds in Florida, including The 100 Best Fleets to identify: best practices, what is working, what is not working and why.
You will hear from one fleet manager who had to replace 100 engines...what happened and what he did to correct the problem.
This is need-to-know information. No one can afford to make a mistake in today's environment. We learn from each other and we learn from the best.
Joining the dialogue will be experts in emerging technologies that are changing the industry. They will help us identify trends for 2019 including:
·    Elimination of RFPs from your purchasing process
·    How to handle the massive amounts of data you receive daily to make the best decisions.
·    Is AI in your future
·    Mobility solutions
·    Autonomous vehicles.
Other topics will include:
·    The technician shortage with real-time solutions
·    A guaranteed way to receive fuel during an emergency
·    Motivation, productivity and engagement case studies.
The program points above will be discussed at both forums. A couple things will be different between the two forums.
The Clearwater forum will include a presentation by the only fleet manager to be recognized by the President of the United States at the White House for innovations made by the City. These are ideas you can use in your own operation the next day.
Start the New Year with the best information available for a successful year!
9 AM-2 PM; January 24, 2019
The City of Clearwater Fleet Facility
1900 Grand Avenue; Clearwater, FL 33765
Use to get directions if needed.
Tracy Ochsner, Asst. Dir. Operation Services; City of Ft. Collins, CO said: "Thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to speak in Denver. I thought that was one of the most valuable training and networking days I've spent with other Fleet Managers in a long time. The amount of knowledge in that room was incredible. I consider it an honor to be asked to speak in front of that kind of experience."
Joe Rajchel, General Services Maintenance Manager; City of Henderson, NV said: "We are in fleet field but we are also in a world of constant change. An event like today's helps all us hear new ideas and gives us the motivation to not only change, but to improve. Thank you for giving us all that opportunity."
Paul Patterson, Fleet Manager of Oneonta, New York said: "It was worth the three hour drive. We got one idea we implemented that saved us $20,000 immediately."
John Vickery, Fleet Manager of Anderson County, TN said: "I drove 365 miles one way for the was worth it!"
Steve Newman, Program Manager for Georgia Gas Distributors, Inc. said: "I just got back to the office, I think 100 Best Fleets was one of the best meetings I have been a part of. It was great to hear some of the success stories other fleet managers have implemented around the country. Thanks again for a great meeting today and for time and money very well spent!" 
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Space is limited. Please reserve at your earliest convenience.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Work smarter, not harder!
INVESTMENT in your personal and professional development:
·    If you are a NAFA member or Clean Cities Stakeholder, $95/person/program. 
·    If not $125/person/program.
You can pay by PayPal, credit card or check.
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