30 Years of CAFM®


Stuart has been a NAFA member since 2005 and previously served as Certification Board Vice Chair. He has also participated on the Curriculum and Nominating Committees and has been a Boot Camp Instructor.

Stuart has worked for the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission for over 27 years, currently as the Assistant Maintenance Engineer. His responsibilities include oversight of the Turnpike’s Maintenance Fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Stuart has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University and earned his CAFM® designation in 2006.

“The most important thing I gained from the CAFM® program is confidence!  When I consider the CAFM® curriculum, I am amazed at the amount of information provided for the various disciplines. While reinforcing concepts and methods that I already knew, the CAFM® program introduced me to new facets of fleet management. Having a well-rounded fleet management education and the tools to do my job better gave me confidence.

“Participating in the CAFM® program has put me in association with a variety of capable and dedicated Fleet Managers. These individuals along with the quality fleet management education have motivated me to strive to be better at what I do. The Ohio Turnpike, like many organizations does not have a distinct ‘Fleet Department.’ Fleet related issues are addressed by several different departments. The CAFM® designation makes me unique in our organization as a fleet professional and has opened the way for me to be more involved with the decisions that affect our fleet.”