30 Years of CAFM®

NINA HOFFERT, CAFM®, 2012 Graduate

Nina Hoffert, CAFM®, is the Fleet Manager for the City of Lakewood, Colorado with over 20 years fleet management experience and a background in business management and accounting. She has a Master’s in Public Administration and Environmental Policy from the University of Colorado where most of her coursework was focused on alternative fuel vehicles, fuels, and air quality. She is married to a high school mathematics and computer science teacher and is the happy mother of two grown chemists.

“Since all of my fleet-related work experience has been in a small public sector fleet, one of the important concepts I learned in the CAFM® program was about private sector fleet management,” Nina said. “For example, the concept of outsourcing to a fleet management company was a vague concept coming from an organization where we do most everything in-house. The understanding of not only private sector fleet management best practices, as well as best practice management of large public sector fleets was eye opening and that broader fleet knowledge may make me more marketable in the fleet industry.

“The CAFM® helped me get a nice raise. I wasn’t expecting it, but the professional industry credentials did show my management that I am serious about working towards and keeping our fleet on the cutting edge of best practices in fleet management and that I’m not content to float calmly into retirement.

“The other unexpected bump was being recruited onto the Certification Development Committee (formerly the Certification Board). I truly NEVER pictured myself on the giving end of an industry certification process and have never entertained the idea of being an educator. I accepted the challenge having no idea what I was in for. But I feel like I’m growing into it. The consistent exposure to the certification program through module rewrites, streamlining the reference guides, writing exam questions and, most of all, working with the dedicated professionals who spend so much time trying to make this certification the best it can possibly be, inspire me to be a better fleet manager.”