30 Years of CAFM®


“My career in transportation started as a dispatcher for a truck load carrier. After several years I moved to the other side of the business and managed an over-the-road truck fleet for a major appliance manufacturer.  Currently I am the Fleet Manager for the University of Iowa.  Our fleet consists of over 600 vehicles and includes every type of vehicle including compact sedans, 15-passenger vans, enforcement vehicles, straight trucks, and garbage trucks.  I am responsible for spec’ing, buying, maintaining, fueling, replacing, and selling our fleet vehicles.

“From the CAFM® program, I learned that managing a fleet really comes down to analytics.  If you can show someone the numbers, you can usually convince them to your way of thinking.

“The CAFM® has helped me in my career providing external validation of my knowledge.  Potential future employers will know that I already have a broad-based knowledge of fleet management so I will be a more attractive candidate.”