30 Years of CAFM®


As Corporate Fleet Manager for CBRE, J.J. is responsible for managing the specifications, procurement, upfitting, brand image, life-cycling, sustainability initiatives, and remarketing of all CBRE owned vehicles. He has authored numerous fleet industry articles. J. J is currently Chair of the Safety Advisory Council of NAFA.

“It is difficult to single out one specific item that I learned in the CAFM® program. One of the most important disciplines is the ability to communicate in a written fashion that has impact and is respected by the audience it is presented to. Another critical skill is the awareness of the many different touch points that must be taken into account when making any fleet related decision.

“First and foremost (achieving the CAFM® designation) has provided a clear distinction between myself and other potential candidates when a job opportunity has presented itself. More and more job positions require that a candidate have a CAFM® designation. When I list CAFM® on my credentials is a definitive classification that I believe has placed me on the short list of qualified candidates.”