30 Years of CAFM®


Daniel Nuckolls, CAFM®, has been the Fleet Director for the City of Concord, NC since 2002. He earned a degree in Business Administration in 2005, and the CAFM® designation in 2007. Concord maintains a 1000+ fleet comprised of Police, Fire, Public Works, and Utilities. He also managed a successful transit system startup from 2003 to 2010. He is the City’s representative for regional air quality issues and is a core stakeholder with the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition and Clean Cities Program.

“The singular, most important lesson learned while studying for the CAFM® is vehicle lifecycle/cost,” Daniel said. “This is foundational for a career in Fleet Management.

“The CAFM® is certainly responsible for the success I’ve had in my career by lending a degree of professionalism to a little understood field of expertise.”