30 Years of CAFM®


The CAFM® program has continued to evolve over the years to encompass the core competencies of fleet management for all fleet sector types. While the original CFM program heavily favored traditional corporate fleet management, the current CAFM® program is well balanced, including public safety, public works, utility and other fleet segment perspectives. The content of the CAFM®curriculum is regularly updated, having gone through fourteen revisions since its inception.

Each certification candidate is provided a full set of reference readings, a self-study guide and practice test questions as part of the enrollment price, all in easily navigable and transportable electronic format and online. The purchase of separate text books is not required. The syllabus at the end of this document provides a brief description of each discipline and subordinate core competencies.

The quality and consistency of testing have also improved markedly following consultation with a psychometrician in 2005 and regular training since of Certification Board members. Core competencies and sub-elements previously tested through a written case study requirement have been integrated into the objective discipline tests since 2006.

Objective tests for each discipline change with each of multiple testing sessions offered each year using a custom database to track question use and results. New questions are validated by program graduates and piloted on exams before use in scoring. Candidates may appeal questions for special review by the Certification Board.

In 2006, in anticipation of partnering with colleges and universities, NAFA broadened its eligibility criteria for enrolling in the CAFM® program and receiving the certification. Students may now enroll and will receive the certification once they have completed one year service as a broadly defined fleet professional. This change in eligibility also allowed all fleet professionals, including those providing products or services to fleet managers, to enroll.