The Value of Certification Programs

Fleet Management Certifications Give You a Performance Advantage

Furthering your education through a professional designation in your field of employment is the best way to enhance your current career or begin a new one. Earning a CAFM® / CAFS® certification elevates you to the top levels of fleet expertise and this added stature puts you ahead of your peers.

NAFA’s Certification Programs Can:

  • Make you the go-to fleet authority at your organization
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Advance your career by filling the gap between current education and workplace requirements, by enrolling in the CAFM® program.
  • Be completed in a short amount of time. Candidates can complete the program in as little as five months, or take up to three years.
  • Be acquired while maintaining a full-time job. All materials are available online as a self-study program.

Who Should Pursue Professional Designation in Fleet Management?

  • Fleet Professionals – update current skills or learn new competencies in fleet management
  • College students – earn the CAFM® or CAFS® while you are completing your degree so you will stand out to potential employers when you graduate.
  • Changing careers – jumpstart your career in a new field

Professional & Personal Benefits

  1. Experience based;
  2. Value for the money;
  3. Practically and professionally oriented;
  4. Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning;
  5. Flexible and customizable;
  6. Provide networking opportunities;
  7. Increase confidence;
  8. Provide positive return on investment;
  9. Help career advancement.