Why Get Certified

The Value of Certification Programs in Today’s Workplace

Furthering your education through a professional designation in your field of employment is the best way to enhance your current career or begin a new one. A study by Georgetown University showed that Certification programs are the fastest-growing postsecondary credential awarded over the past several decades. 

NAFA’s Certification Programs Can:

  • Increase your earning potential. A recent graduate was surprised to be awarded a $10,000 raise after completing the program, without even asking for it.
  • Advance your career by filling the gap between current education and workplace requirements. A shop foreman, promoted to temporarily fill the Fleet Manager’s post, enrolled in the CAFM® program immediately to fill the gaps in his management education.
  • Be completed in a short amount of time. Candidates can complete the program in as little as five months, or take up to three years.
  • Be acquired while maintaining a full-time job. All materials are available online as a self-study program.
  • Help jumpstart a career in the new field. An attendee at NAFA’s annual Institute and Expo explained that he had just been given fleet responsibilities and his accounting background was not sufficient. He enrolled in the CAFM® program to “find out what he didn’t know.”

Who should pursue NAFA’s Professional Designation in Fleet Management?

  • Professionals – update current skills or gain new ones
  • College students – earn the CAFM® or CAFS® while you are completing your degree so you will stand out to potential employers when you graduate.
  • Changing careers – jumpstart your career in a new field

NAFA’s Certification Programs offer many personal and professional benefits:

  1. Experience based;
  2. Value for the money;
  3. Practically and professionally oriented;
  4. Demonstrate commitment to lifelong learning;
  5. Flexible and customizable;
  6. Provide networking opportunities;
  7. Increase confidence;
  8. Provide positive return on investment;
  9. Help career advancement.