About the Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist Program

The Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS®) program gives candidates the option of selecting any fourof the eight disciplines to complete within a two-year period based on their education or employment needs. The CAFS®) program is a self-study online program and is open to any individual with at least one year experience in any fleet-related position, as well as those enrolled in a college or university program in a fleet-related course of study. Those who successfully complete four disciplines are eligible to continue their studies in the remaining disciplines to earn their CAFM®) designation

Candidates will receive access to online materials which contain reference materials, a study guide, and practice questions The CAFS®) certification program offers the most up-to-date fleet management education.


The 8 Disciplines to Choose From:

  1. Asset Management (AM)
  2. Business Management (BM)
  3. Financial Management (FM)
  4. Information Management (IM)
  5. Maintenance Management (MM)
  6. Professional Development (PD)
  7. Risk Management (RM)
  8. Vehicle Fuel Management (VFM)
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