Be a Leader in Fleet Management

NAFA has the only recognized accreditation program for fleets that provides a singular set of standards and unique tools that help fleets measure, track and score accomplishments toward sustainability. Get recognized for meeting the core standard of a NAFA Accredited Sustainable Fleet and use the official emblem proudly.


Become a Sustainable Fleet with NAFA

NAFA offers an easy and secure way to enter the program by allowing flexibility with the level of detail of the data fleet managers submit. It can be as simple as submitting the number and types of vehicles in your fleet and the type and amount of fuel used.

This program defines clearly what it means to be a sustainable fleet by setting objective, meaningful standards and guidelines to achieve. Designed by fleets, for fleets, NAFA tapped the collective resources, experience, and expertise of veteran fleet managers, as well as the organization CALSTART, to establish the official standard for being a sustainable fleet. NAFA partnered with CALSTART which provides the data collection and calculation tools used to justify tier levels of the participants.

CALSTART is a member-supported organization of more than 150 firms, fleets and agencies worldwide dedicated to supporting a growing high-tech, clean transportation industry that cleans the air, creates jobs, cuts imported oil and reduces global warming emissions.

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