Each year, NAFA recognizes individual and organizational excellence and achievement in fleet management with NAFA Awards program.

The program was established to identify and encourage individual and institutional excellence in fleet management, promote active participation in NAFA’s programs and services, identify individual and institutional role models, and contribute to a positive perception of the fleet management profession.

In 2021, The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas and the other awards started under Tom Johnson, joined forces with NAFA. Tom founded The 100 Best Fleets program which recognizes and rewards peak-performing fleet operations in the Americas. Two decades ago, Tom was charged with analyzing more than 3,500 fleet departments, both corporate and public. Through this deep dive into our industry, he recognized how much fleet managers know and do every day, and often how little recognition they get for it. Tom Johnson is also the recipient of NAFA’s Honorary Lifetime Membership Award.

NAFA Awards

Individual Awards

Organizational Awards

Excellence in Education Award
Fleet Excellence Awards
Distinguished Service Award
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
Outstanding Service Award
Windell T. Mitchell Humanitarian Award

100 Best Fleets Program
Green Fleet Awards
Green Garage Contest


The 100 Best Fleets competition helped us look at every aspect of our fleet operations and identify areas needing improvement, it also motivated us to continually improve our operations. These improvements and challenges have caused us to produce a very cost efficient and safe fleet for our students.
Mark Swackhamer, CAFM
Senior Manager of Fleet Operations
Houston, TX Independent School District