Ingenuity, Innovation and Compassion Fleet Managers Share Their COVID-19 Response Actions

Ingenuity, Innovation and Compassion

Fleet Managers Share Their COVID-19 Response Actions

April 2020

Many Fleet Managers are essential and have played an enormous role in the fight against COVID-19. It is more important now than ever that we recognize our essential services and the resources needed to keep our roads safe and clear as well as maintain the flow of goods and services required to help us get through this tough time. 

NAFA would like to recognize members who have shared their experiences and strategies managing their fleets through the COVID-19 pandemic. NAFA encourages you to share your own stories as well.



Municipal Government - Texas

We have changed our processes to include taking and recording temperatures of all fleet personnel before entering fleet shop/work areas and wiping down the shop before and at the end of each shift.
We provide disinfectant ,and gloves are distributed to all techs, along with, treating every vehicle before and after working on it. 
Deliveries are dropped outside of the building and disinfected externally before we bring them into the building.

State or Federal Government - Florida 

We have changed procedures by proving a sanitation station at the fueling site and providing PPE for fueling and cleaning/sanitation supplies for vehicles. I thank my employees for going above and beyond by coming into work and doing our jobs at this time without hesitation. I’m doing my best to make sure we all stay healthy by following company and CDC guidelines.

Education: Public School - Georgia

Instead of transporting students to and from school we have about 30% of our busses delivering lunches to communities, so we aren’t completely shut down. We plan on delivering food as long as there are no issues with our drivers. 

Education: University - California 
We have already moved to a more automated operation utilizing technology and cloud-based software. This has helped us manage our operation from a distance. To accommodate the students traveling home due to the college closing, we arranged a robust airport shuttle schedule for six days starting at 4:30 am with the last bus leaving at 5:30 pm each day. I need to recognize our bus drivers for doing an awesome job driving the students to two separate airports.  

Corporate - Florida

Our challenge is keeping the social distancing while trying to keep everything running properly. In fleet, we can’t perform remote work. We try to limit other department staff from coming in and we don’t have any vendors coming in. We are trying not to buy parts when we don’t need them, so we don’t have deliveries coming in when we don’t necessarily need them. I have set up a ‘Sanitation Station’ at our fueling site, which has nitro gloves, hand sanitizer, and paper towels so they can use gloves when using the fuel pumps.

Utility - Virginia 

We have altered our processes such as when we bring vehicles in for service. I tell all my guys to glove up, get in, get out, wipe it down and then de-glove, go wash your hands and then go to work. We’ve been given the opportunity to catch up on a lot of our preventive maintenance stuff. We find time throughout the day to keep the shop clean, our common areas clean and ourselves clean. We will all get through this here and we are going to be better and stronger after it.

Corporate - Wisconsin

For now, only one person is allowed in a car at a time.  If we have to take more vehicles somewhere we will. This is to maintain social distancing and help keep everyone safe.  
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