Membership Committee

Membership Committee

All activities of this Committee are coordinated through a Member of the NAFA Board of Directors and an employee on the NAFA staff.  Committee recommendations are presented to the Board of Directors for approval and must include cost and resource estimates to the extent possible.

From NAFA’s Bylaws, revised September 2016:

  • The Membership Committee shall, whenever necessary, determine the proper membership classification of any person and report its findings to the Board of Directors for its final action.  This committee shall take all appropriate measures to foster the increase of new Members in the Corporation and to encourage Members to retain their membership.  This committee shall inquire into any circumstances which may cause the suspension or expulsion of a Member and report its findings to the Board of Directors for decision.

Primary Committee Responsibilities

  • Identify Regular Members’ and Associate Members’ needs and/or concerns, bringing them to the Board of Director’s attention.
  • Recommend ideas for promoting membership, increasing membership and aiding retention.
  • Encourage prospective Regular Members and prospective Associate Members to join.
  • Advise staff and develop recommendations of programs and services to further the association’s goals and strategic plan.
  • Encourage and motivate Chapter Membership Committee Chairs and Chapter Chairs to promote membership to non-members and facilitate better membership service.
  • Review all Regular Member and Associate Member applications to ensure compliance with membership qualifications as stated in the NAFA Bylaws/Code of Regulations.

Primary Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Encourage active participation on the committee to accomplish committee or association goals.
  • Recruit members to properly comprise the Committee and assure sufficient participation to accomplish responsibilities.
  • Attend Leadership Forum meetings.
  • Communicate regularly with the Reporting Director and staff liaison.
  • Lead conference calls and committee discussions.
  • Serve as key liaison between committee members and NAFA staff.
  • Act as liaison between Chapter Membership Committee Chairs and Leadership Forum.
  • Work with NAFA staff to prepare draft reports on project status for the Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Charlie Mahoney
Business Development Manager
Derive Efficiency
Sanford, Fla.
(407) 462-4145
Vice Chair - Regular Member
Dale Collins
Fleet Services Supervisor
Fairfax Water
Lorton, VA
Vice Chair - Associate Member
Bob Martines
Corporate Claims Management
Ivyland, PA
Board Leader
Richard Battersby
Fleet Manager
City of Oakland
Oakland, Calif.