Editorial Content Committee

Editorial Content Committee

Primary Committee Responsibilities

  • Recommend article topics, assist in developing and/or reviewing article outlines, and recommend potential interview candidates for the association’s magazine and e-newsletters.
  • Recommend ideas for promoting greater readership of NAFA’s publications.
  • Encourage Regular Members and Associate Member to submit articles and article ideas.
  • Review magazine article manuscripts for fleet relevancy and accuracy.

Primary Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Encourage active participation on the Committee by Regular Members and Associate Members.
  • Attend Leadership Forum meetings.
  • Communicate regularly with the reporting Director and staff liaison.
  • Lead regularly scheduled conference calls of the Committee to discuss progress and actions.
  • Serve as key liaison between Committee members and NAFA staff.
  • Work with NAFA staff to ensure participation, and equal sharing of workload, by Committee members.
  • Work with NAFA staff to prepare draft reports on project status for the Board.
  • Serve as a Member of the I&E Curriculum Committee.

Committee Members

Vice Chair
Ted Roberts
Managing Editor
Fleet Management Weekly
San Francisco, Calif.
(415) 269-8415
Chair - Regular Member
Sara Burnam, CAFM
Palm Beach County Fleet Management
West Palm Beach, FL
Board Leader
Bob Mossing
Fleet Manager
STERIS Corporation
Mentor, OH