Outstanding Chapter Service Award

Outstanding Service Award

NAFA’s Outstanding Service Award – Presented to one Member nationally for recognizing outstanding service performed for the benefit of NAFA as an organization, be it on a chapter level, community level, or among Associate efforts.

2019's Recipient is Peter Belloli, CAFM®

At NAFA's Annual Business Meeting on April 14, NAFA President Patti Earley, CAFM, honored Peter Belloli, CAFM, for his commitment to NAFA and its chapters.

"Peter has been Chair of the NAFA New England Chapter for more than five years, which is three years more than the average, but there’s a reason for this," Earley explained. "His goal has always been to do what’s best and right for the New England Chapter, and during a time of need for the chapter, he stepped up and took on the challenges that others were not equipped to handle."

Belloli has been consistently involved with many of the Chapter Committees, lending a hand with planning, providing guidance, and giving ideas for meetings.

A devoted supporter of NAFA’s CAFM program, Belloli encourages members to take the leap and sign up and get certified.

"However," Earley added, "change must happen, and he will finally be relieved of his Chapter Chair responsibilities this week, but you can bet he will still be a powerful force for NAFA and the New England Chapter."


Bestowed upon one member and one Associate in recognition of their contributions to their local NAFA chapter.

1991 Barbara Leger Hy Goodman
1992 W.R. Ray Nugent Nelson Beckett
1993 Patricia Rishell George Argueta
1994 Joseph Clark Norma Morrison
1995 Don Rittenhouse John Sohl
1996 Bill Glenn Fred Czuta
1997 David Lighthall, CFM/CAFM® Katherine Croze
1998 Mary Johnson James Maloney
1999 Debbie Seeger Gary Klingmeyer
2000 Elizabeth Linck Donald Sabia
2001 Monique Decary Earl Miller
2002 Jan Faries Frances MacKenzie-Peacock
2003 Debbie Mize Robert Martines
2004 LaVerne Butler Ray Breault
2005 David Carr Kay Koenig
2006 Tom Larkum William J. Hoysgaard
2007 Greg Asadoorian William Hockridge
2008 Jacqueline Porter Philip R. Moser
2010 N/A Michael Ramsey
2012 Pierre Moquin Mark Petersen
2013 Ernest Moroz Christina Covaney
2014 Cal Kretsinger, CAFM® Sherry Calkins
2015 Sheryl Grossman Mary Anne Moeri
2016 Jason Hicks, CAFM® Tony DiBrino
2017 Sister Mary Daniel, (retired) School Sisters of St. Francis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pete Mitchell, Executive Manager for Client Relations
2018 Bridget Clark Nancy James