2018 Milestones

2018 Milestones

November 2018


October 2018

30 years

Karen Kearns
Corporate Fleet Manager
Providence, R.I.


25 years

Joe Aprile
Acadian Driveaway
Toronto, Ontario

James T. Maedel, CAFM®
Account Manager
Beck Auto Group
Palatka, Fla.

Mark R. Stevens
Fleet Manager
City of Sacramento
Sacramento, Calif.


20 years

Henry H. Marsh
Lake Lotawana, Mo.

Jonathan Meeks
Fleet Manager
City of Davenport
Davenport, Iowa

Phil Schreiber
Fleet Manager, North America
Otis Elevator
Bloomfield, Conn.

It is the strength of our members including Karen Kearns; Joe Aprile; James T. Maedel, CAFM®; Mark R. Stevens; Henry H. Marsh; Jonathan Meeks; and Phil Schreiber; that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.


September 2018

20 years

Mark F. Acevedo
Director of General Services
Town of Addison
Addison, Texas

John R. Helman
Vice President
Nagy FleetNet, Inc.
Elkhart, Ind.

Roger W. Murray
Chief Operating Officer
PS Energy Group, Inc.
Dunwoody, Ga.

It is the strength of our members including Mark F. Acevedo, John R. Helman, and Roger W. Murray, that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.


August 2018

30 years

Fred Czuta
Vice President Fleet Group
Boucher Automotive Fleet Group
Waukesha, Wis.

20 years

George S. Cartales
Fleet Maintenance Coordinator
City of Hillsboro
Hillsboro, Ore.

Charles C. Spratt
Fleet Services Superintendent
Village of Wheeling
Wheeling, Ill.


It is the strength of our members including Fred Czuta, George Cartales, and Charles Spratt, that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


July 2018

25 years

Richard J. Sanford 
Sales Manager
Werres Corporation
Frederick, Md.


20 years

Barbara Banks 
Newark, Del.

W. Edward Pierce 
Communications Director
The CEI Group
Trevose, Pa.


15 years

Carol D. Chace 
Punta Gorda, Fla.

Jeffrey J. Moryn 
Chief Information Officer
Parsons Electric LLC
Minneapolis, Minn.

Terri L. Stiffler 
VP of Operations
AmeriFleet Transportation
Selbyville, Del.

It is the strength of our members including Richard J. Sanford, Barbara Banks, W. Edward Pierce, Carol D. Chace, Jeffrey J. Moryn, and Terri L. Stiffler, that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


June 2018

60 years

Alfred J. Cavalli 
Massapequa Park, N.Y.


No one knows change quite like Alfred J. Cavalli.

Starting with NAFA Fleet Management Association before it actually existed in 1958, Cavalli was a member of its progenitor organization, the Round Table Group. That collective of just 20 individuals met to discuss fleet issues and concerns of the day. A comment was made that regulatory bodies and automakers did not respect the needs and opinions of fleet professionals. Determined to change that, the founders of NAFA signed the articles of incorporation not long after.

Just over 60 years later, the Association has swelled to nearly 3,000 members, vehicles have changed drastically, and the world in which they drive has evolved as well. In fact, fleet and mobility now straddle two worlds: the physical and the digital, and is fast becoming dependent on the well-being of both.

“I think the most important highlight, not only of my career but of NAFA, was the NAFCAR/NAFVAN project,” said Cavalli in 2013. “It’s amazing how that impacted the automobile industry. Cars that came out – the sub-compacts and compacts – were very close to the image produced from that survey. And it’s a shame there hasn’t been a follow-up.”

The NAFVAN concept provided the vision that yielded minivans and, years later, sport utility vehicles which presently dominate the United States automotive market. So drastically has the market shifted that prominent OEMs are ceasing the construction and sales of domestic sedans in deference to the will of the public.

(Pictured left-to-right: From 2013, NAFA Past President Ray Breault, Al Cavalli, NAFA Past President A. Warren Feirer, and Former NAFA New York Chapter Chair and NAFA New York/Intercounty Secretary Don Rittenhouse)

He was recognized by NAFA as a recipient of the Association’s Distinguished Service Award, in part because of his efforts with the NAFCAR/NAFVAN work. Mostly, however, Al Cavalli was honored for his legendary commitment to fleet, a position that sometimes found him on opposite sides of industry trends. In all his 60 years with NAFA, his devotion to the profession has been unimpeachable.

NAFA thanks Al Cavalli for his stewardship of the fleet industry, for seeing the way forward, and for recognizing the need for the close community our Association has become. For this, we’re in his debt.

30 years

Jacqueline A. Porter 
Director of Risk Management
Block Communications, Inc.
Toledo, Ohio

25 years

Alan Kies, CAFM
Equipment Manager
Pierce County
Equipment Services
Spanaway, Wash.

Tina Kourakos 
Manager, National Commercial Fleet Accounts
Subaru of America, Inc.
Cherry Hill, N.J.

20 years

Joel Neumeyer 
Manager of Fleet and Cap Assets
Utility Resource Group LLC
Lake Orion, Mich.

It is the strength of our members including Alfred J. Cavalli; Jacqueline A. Porter; Alan Kies, CAFM; Tina Kourakos; and Joel Neumeyer that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


May 2018

40 years

Patsy Brownson, CAFM®
Sandy Springs, Ga.


30 years

Nancy W. McSweeney
Project Manager
Chevin Fleet Solutions LLC
Weymouth, Mass.


25 years

William Amundsen
Southbury, Conn.


20 years

John W. Dillon
Unit Chief/Fleet Manager
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.

Dale-Ann Gilbert
Director, Sales & Customer Service
Element Fleet Management
Montreal, Quebec

Paul T. Lauria
Mercury Associates, Inc.
Rockville, Md.

Frank Memolo
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
PARS - Professional Automotive
Relocation Service, Inc.
Hardyston, N.J.


15 years

Michael Atkinson, CAFM
Shop Superintendent
Montgomery County Maryland
Rockville, Md.

Joe H. Gallegos
Fleet Shop Supervisor
City of Napa
Napa, Calif.

Arthur A. Liggio
Driving Dynamics, Inc.
Newark, Del.

Pete Varney, CAFM
University of Illinois
Champaign, Ill.

It is the strength of our members including Patsy Brownson, CAFM; Nancy W. McSweeney; William Amundsen; John W. Dillon; Dale-Ann Gilbert; Paul T. Lauria; Frank Memolo; Michael Atkinson, CAFM; Joe H. Gallegos; Arthur A. Liggio; and Pete Varney, CAFM; that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


April 2018

30 years

Jim Baker
Mansfield, Ohio


25 years

Daryl S. Gilpin
Wayzata, Minn.


20 years

Lawrence Anstee, CAFM®
Support Services Supervisor
Palm Beach County
Fleet Management
West Palm Beach, Fla.


15 years

Patrick M. Bartole, CAFM
Fleet Manager
New Jersey City University
Dept. of Facilities and Construction Mgmt.
Jersey City, N.J.

Robert Charette, CAFM
Fleet Manager
Town of Groton
Groton, Conn.

Michele L. Davis, CAFS®
Fleet Manager
Washington Gas Light
Springfield, Va.

Robert W. Gibson
City of Baltimore
Bureau of General Services
Baltimore, Md.

Michael P. McDonald
Omaha, Neb.

Robert L. Sizemore, CAFM
Automotive Equipment Supervisor
City of Cincinnati
Metropolitan Sewer District
Cincinnati, Ohio

Donald J. Trivison
North American Fleet Manager
Komatsu Mining Corp.
Brookfield, Wisc.

It is the strength of our members including Jim Baker; Daryl S. Gilpin; Lawrence Anstee, CAFM; Patrick M. Bartole, CAFM; Robert Charette, CAFM; Michele L. Davis, CAFS; Robert W. Gibson; Michael P. McDonald; Robert L. Sizemore, CAFM; and Donald J. Trivison; that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


March 2018

25 years

Bruce A. McLeod
Georgetown, Ontario

15 years

Brian L. Barkley, CAFS®
Fleet & Asset Manager
County of Simcoe
Midhurst, Ontario

Peter Bednar
Fleet Management Director
City of Albany
Albany, Ga.

Brad R. Bohnen
Head of Fleet Management-North America
Ericsson Inc.
Overland Park, Kansas

Bruce Derby
Fleet Field Manager
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Plano, Texas

Robert J. Ellingsworth, CAFM®
Fleet Manager
State of Minnesota
Department of Transportation
St. Paul, Minn.

Jeff G. Fender
V.P. Sales & Marketing
Fleet Response
Cleveland, Ohio

Debbie Ricciardelli
Fleet Manager
Pearson Education
Hoboken, N.J.

David M. Tifft
Fleet Administrator
Vermont State Police
Vermont Dept. of Public Safety
Colchester, Vt.

It is the strength of our members like Bruce A. McLeod; Brian L. Barkley, CAFS; Peter Bednar; Brad R. Bohnen; Bruce Derby; Robert J. Ellingsworth, CAFM; Jeff G. Fender; Debbie Ricciardelli; and David M. Tifft; that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 



February 2018

40 years

Katherine M. Croze
Western Region Sales Manager
The CEI Group, Inc.
Jenks, Okla.


25 years

Brenda K. Davis
Commodity Manager
Baker Hughes, Inc.
Houston, Texas


20 years

Lynda Dinwiddie
Assoc. VP, Fleet & Travel
Burlington, N.C.

Alan F. Fairfield
Director of Fleet Management
County of Greenville
Vehicle Service Center
Greenville, S.C.

Steven R. Lawrence
Assistant Public Works Director
City of St. Cloud
St. Cloud, Minn.

It is the strength of our members like Katherine, Brenda, Lynda, Alan, and Steven that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


January 2018

30 years

NAFA Past President David Ogilvie  
Haliburton, Ontario

Margaret Persad  
Manager, Fleet Administration
Tupperware U.S. & Canada
Orlando, Fla.

25 years

Phillip H. Samuelson  
Purchasing, Fleet, Asset Manager
USIC Locating Services, LLC
Indianapolis, Ind.
It is the strength of our Members like David Ogilvie, Margaret Persad, and Phillip H. Samuelson that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.