2017 Milestones

2017 Milestones

December 2017

30 years

Brenda Koenen  
Fleet Administrator
MGIC Investment Corp.
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Brenda is the Chapter Secretary of the Wisconsin Chapter, a position she has held since 2010 and, before that, in 2004-2005. Brenda is the primary contact for the chapter’s communications. Brenda is also scheduled to serve on the Chapter Reception Committee in 2013, which she has previously been involved with (2005-2010). In 2001-2002 Brenda served as Chapter Program Committee Chair.

25 years

John R. DeLoache, CAFM®
Director of Fleet and Travel
State of South Dakota
Fleet & Travel Management
Pierre, S.D.

20 years

John E. Alley, CAFM®
Puyallup, Wash.

Richard M. Dennis  
AmeriFleet Transportation
Alpharetta, Ga.

Vinson P. May, CAFS®
Fleet Manager
County of Knox
Fleet Service Center
Knoxville, Tenn.


It is the strength of our Members like Brenda Koenen, John DeLoache, John Alley, Richard Dennis, and Vinson May that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 

November 2017

25 years

Matthew L. Chlebowski  
Director/Central Services Div.
City of South Bend
South Bend, Ind. 

Olin D. Cooper  
General Services Manager
City of Newport News
Department of Public Utilities
Newport News, Va. 

Irene M. Grant, CAFM®
Abilene, Texas


It is the strength of our Members like Matthew Chlebowski, Olin Cooper, and Irene Grant that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 

October 2017

45 years

William Hockridge  
Peterborough, Ontario
"After many enjoyable years with the Ontario Chapter of NAFA working in dealerships, I retired five years ago and have a seasonal summer job in the recreational vehicle business.

"I enjoyed being the Chapter Associate Members Chair which involved working with several manufacturers to organize events such as annual ride and drives. I continue to stay involved as an alumni.

"After beating cancer, I enjoy life and travel. I wish NAFA continued success. (It is) a truly great organization."

40 years

Chris C. Mannino  
Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.

35 years

William J. Hoysgaard  
Swampscott, Mass.
William J. Hoysgaard was NAFA’s 2006 Associate Member Recipient of the Outstanding Chapter Service Award (New England Chapter).

25 years

Melvin L. Garrett  
Assistant Fleet Operations Director
Charleston County
Fleet Operations Department
Charleston, S.C.

Carmine Pascucci  
Seattle, Wash.


It is the strength of our Members like William Hockridge, Chris C. Mannino, William J. Hoysgaard, Melvin L. Garrett, and Carmine Pascucci that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 

September 2017

35 years

Janis Christensen, CAFM®
Senior Mgr., Director Corporate Consulting
Mercury Associates, Inc.
Las Vegas, N.V.
Janis Christensen, CAFM®, is a Senior Manager and Director of Corporate Fleet Management Consulting Services with Mercury Associates. She has more than 30 combined years of fleet management experience, first, as a fleet manager in the private sector, and second, providing consulting services to a wide array of private and public fleets, fleet service providers, automobile manufacturers, automotive trade associations, and automotive publication companies.

She has conducted presentations and workshops for thousands of industry professionals for a variety of prominent industry and professional associations, has authored dozens of articles, and has written several published policies and procedures manuals.

Janis is a Past Vice President on NAFA’s Board of Directors and, since 1984, has served the Association in a variety of national and local positions. In 1999, she was honored with NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award.


30 years

John McCorkhill, CFM/CAFM®
Lynchburg, Va.

According to John McCorkhill, the photo above is of him on the first day of his fleet management career, which began August 23, 1982. He was Deputy Fleet Administrator for the City of Indianapolis. John’s career came to a close 33 years later after 16-and-a-half years in Indianapolis and 16-and-a-half years as Fleet Director for the City of Lynchburg, Va.
During his fleet career John was named Government Fleet Manager of the Year in 2006, and was inducted into the Public Fleet Hall of Fame in 2014. NAFA recognized him with a Honorary Lifetime Membership in 2012. He retired on October 30, 2015, but still periodically attends Old Dominion Chapter meetings to keep his fleet management knowledge current.
Today, John spends most of his time as a part-time consultant for local and state governments and keeps busy around the house with Melody, his bride of 38 years.


25 years

Robert A. Orifice
Fleet Superintendent
City of West Haven
North Branford, Conn.


Roger Weaver, CAFM®
Director, Fleet Management
County of San Bernardino
Fleet Management
San Bernardino, Calif.



Roger Weaver, CAFM®, has 50 years’ experience as a fleet manager with organizations including  AT&T, Pacific Bell (by various names), McKesson Corp., Danone Corp, and now the County of San Bernardino. Roger holds a Masters Business Administration (MBA), is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM®), and a Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP).

County of San Bernardino was ranked Number One Fleet in the Nation for 2017 by Government Fleet and APWA, and has been ranked within "Top Fleets" (Operations/Sustainability) for the past 12 years. Further, County of San Bernardino has received NACO's (National Association of Counties) award for Vehicle Maintenance Program (partnership with other agencies to train "at risk" youth in basic automotive services). 

Roger specifically points to his efforts with the fleet in implementing a state-of-the-art Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) in 2003, which converted to a  "web-based" variant in 2014. The fleet management department established a county-wide emergency generator maintenance, repair, and replacement program which improved "disaster preparedness" from about 36 percent to 95 percent currently. Under Roger's supervision, all county-owned fuel tanks have been centralized into one program.

Prior to fleet, Roger served four years in the U.S. Navy. He has been married for 36 years and is the proud father of four children, who have made him a grandfather seven times over. He is now a great-grandfather of three.


It is the strength of our Members like Janis Christensen, CAFM®; John McCorkhill, CFM/CAFM®; Robert A. Orifice; and Roger Weaver, CAFM®; that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


August 2017

25 years

Marion D. Crow, CAFM®
Fleet Coordinator
Hilti, Inc.
Tulsa, Okla.

"I started with Hilti as a temp in 1989 and moved into the full-time Fleet Coordinator role in May of 1990. My original plan was to work five years, but encouraged by my then Fleet Manager I studied for and obtained my CAFM® in 1994. 

"With the benefits that came with the certification, the opportunities the Fleet Coordinator role offered, and the satisfaction of meeting the day to day challenges, 27 years later I am still at it; challenged to stay on top of a rapidly changing industry.  

"Sometime, possibly in the not too distant future, I plan to join my husband of 46 years in retirement so we can travel. But for now, I am enjoying the long career with Hilti, and grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given."

Katie Rixman  
Manager Global Fleet
Louisville, Ky.

Katie Rixman has been involved with fleet for Brown-Forman for over 26 years, beginning with a small U.S.-based sales/executive fleet, and advancing to global expansion, managing the development and implementation of country-specific programs with 1,400-plus participants in 41 countries today.

With small fleets in many locations, Rixman's work involves a centralized, regionally-implemented program that comprises Human Resources as well as financially competitive. All-inclusive fleet programs range from company-provided cars to allowances and reimbursements, with driver safety and continued reduction of C02 emissions being a priority.
In addition to being a member of the former NAFA Board of Governors and Fleet Advisory Council over the years, Rixman has been a speaker on several occasions at NAFA's annual conference, the Institute & Expo.


It is the strength of our Members like Marion and Katie that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 

July 2017

50 years



Jim Frank
Wheels, Inc.
Des Plaines, IL

Jim Frank is CEO of Wheels, Inc., Wheels founded the Fleet Management Industry in 1939 and under Jim's direction since 1975 has been a leader in Innovation, growing from 25,000 vehicles to become one of North America's premier fleet management providers with over 300,000 vehicles under management in North America and over 1 million vehicles in 40 countries in partnership with ALD. Jim has held leadership roles in Industry Organizations, been keynote speaker at NAFA and AFLA national conferences and has represented the Industry before the U.S. Congress, Federal Trade Commission, U. S Treasury, and the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
Jim has a Bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and MBA from Stanford University.  He is actively involved in Community affairs, serving on the Boards of:  University of Chicago, Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois Network of Charter Schools, The Chicago Public Education Fund, Vice Chair of the University of Chicago Medical Center where he was recently recognized as an "Honorary Fellow of the Division of Biological Sciences, and Chair of the Board of Intrinsic Network of Charter Schools.



Patrick J. Sheehan

Director of Corporate Fleet
Baxter Healthcare (retired)
Barrington, IL

Patrick J. Sheehan was NAFA President from 1983 to 1985. He is credited, during his tenure as NAFA President, for surpassing the total membership mark of 2,500 for the Association, a high-point for NAFA at that time.

Sheehan was also instrumental in the development of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Certified Fleet Manager Program, a precursor to what would ultimately become NAFA’s CAFM program. He was recipient of NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award in 1988.

Recalling his introduction to NAFA, Sheehan noted both he and the Association were in their formative periods. "Shortly after I joined Baxter Healthcare in 1967, the CEO suggested I might be interested in a fairly new organization for fleet administrators called NAFA. I decided he was right and became a member," Sheehan recalled. "Can you believe, back then, power options was the big issue?"

Through a steady, and relatively quick window of time, Sheehan became invaluable to NAFA as it grew. "1971 was a busy year. I became Chapter Chair in Chicago, and was asked to be NAFA Conference Chair that same year. In 1974, I became a trustee, moved along into the chairs and eventually became President in 1983; then on to the Board of Governors."

Prior to his years in fleet, Sheehan served as a ground accident investigator during the Korean War. It can be easily assumed that such an experience would lend itself to Sheehan’s warm feelings toward NAFA’s sense of camaraderie, working alongside peers who all shared the same ambitions and goals. "I am honored to have served with, and learned from, these most competent men, who were considered more than business associates, but friends."

30 Years



Walter J. Burnett, CAFM®

Macomb, IL

Walter J. Burnett, CAFM®, served the public works profession for over thirty-eight years. He has worked for the Cities of Knoxville, TN; Schaumburg, IL; Beverly Hills, CA, and retired as Public Works Director of the City of Macomb, IL, where he managed a full service public works operation, water and wastewater utility, and capital improvement program.

Burnett has been active in professional associations, has served on the Board of Trustees as Trustee, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President for NAFA; Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network, where he served as a Founding Director, the American Public Works Association, and is a past President of the Automotive Transportation Supervisors Association. His public works construction projects have received APWA Illinois Projects of the Year Awards three times. He was a 2006 finalist for Government Fleet Magazine’s Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award and in 2007 received NAFA’s Excellence in Education Award. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee and is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager. He currently works as a Project Consultant for the Jones Corporation.

David G. Robertson, CAFM®

Spring, TX

David Robertson, CAFM®, was Assistant Director for the City of Houston Fire Department Fleet Management. Robertson was president of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) from 2001-2003. Following his retirement, Robertson worked with Mercury Associates, Inc., a fleet management consulting company headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, as a senior associate consultant. He received NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award in 2007.



Douglas Weichman, CAFM®

City of Gainesville
Fleet Management
Gainesville, FL

Douglas Weichman, CAFM®, served as President of NAFA Fleet Management Association 2011-2013.

Douglas has been an active Member of NAFA since 1987 and has been involved within NAFA’s educational programs, the Public Safety Group, the Fuels & Technology Committee, and the Student Advisory Task Force. His NAFA career is highlighted by the creation of NAFA Sustainable Fleet Award (formerly known as the Green Fleet Award) and the Student Advisory Task Force. His work as an instructor for NAFA’s Fleet Management Seminar and the development of several educational products has been instrumental for the Association.

Douglas currently serves as Director of Fleet Management for the City of Gainesville, Florida. Previously, he was the Director Fleet Management for Palm Beach County, Florida,1990-2017. Before that he was the Fleet Manager for Miami-Dade County for nine years and has held private sector fleet positions upon graduating from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Automotive & Heavy Equipment Technology.

In addition to NAFA, Weichman is also an active member of the Florida Association of Governmental Fleet Administrators. Among his career highlights are his appointment by the Governor of Florida to the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities initiative and his selection in 2009 as Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year.

It is the strength of our Members like Jim Frank; Patrick J. Sheehan; Walter J. Burnett, CAFM®; David G. Robertson, CAFM®; and Douglas Weichman, CAFM® that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 

June 2017

35 years



Johnnie Schmauder, CFM/CAFM®
Tualatin, OR

Johnnie Schmauder received his CFM certificate in 1987. NAFA thanks Johnnie for thirty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

It is the strength of our Members like Johnnie Schmauder, CFM/CAFM® that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today. 


April 2017

35 years

Linda A. Socia, CAFM®
Mgr, Veh. Acquisition & Maint.
Lorillard Tobacco Company
Greensboro, NC

Linda Socia assists in managing 1,000 vehicles throughout the United States. Socia’s responsibilities include replacing 300+ vehicles each model year, ensuring driver compliance with maintenance policies, and communications to drivers relating to cost savings. Due to her continued efforts, Lorillard’s National Account usage has averaged over ninety percent since 2002 and over ninety-five percent since 2008. She was instrumental in changing drivers’ fuel purchasing habits from fifty-six percent Tier 1 stations Q1 2009 to twenty-seven percent Tier 1 Q4 2011. Socia earned her CAFM® in 1993. Prior to joining Lorillard, she was Fleet Administrator at Colgate-Palmolive Company in New York City. Socia served the New York Chapter as Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair and has been Secretary and Treasurer for the Carolinas’ Chapter. She participated in GE Fleet Services’ Vehicle Acquisition Client Council in 2008 and is currently a member of their Customer Web Council. Socia holds a B.A. from Kalamazoo College with a major in French and a minor in psychology. Socia’s hobbies range from gourmet cooking to NASCAR.


It is the strength of our Members like Linda that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.  


March 2017

35 years

Peter Egan  

U.S. & Canadian Partner
Garden City, NY

30 years

Matthew Betz  

Vice President Fleet Channel
Northville, MI

It is the strength of our Members like Peter and Matthew that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.  


February 2017

40 years

Joseph M. Clark
Raleigh, NC

Joe Clark worked at Burroughs Wellcome Pharmaceutical Company twenty-nine years, at Lab Corp three years, and at Qualex for five years. He retired in 2003, but has been involved with Corporate Claims Management as a Consultant. Clark cited, as some of his proudest NAFA moments, starting the Carolina Chapter in 1979, and serving as President as well as serving as Trustee on NAFA's Board.

Clark said of his experiences, "My memories are many and the professional NAFA Members and Affiliates will always have a special place in my life."

30 years

Michael R. Colbert
Director of Purchasing
Ash Grove Cement Co.
Overland Park, KS

Michael Colbert joined the NAFA Mid-America Chapter in 1987, saying "(I) was immediately welcomed into the world of fleet. I found it was the best way to meet experts in the profession and exchange practices and ideas."

Colbert has been active ever since, having held the chapter officer positions of Treasurer, Vice Chair, and Chair, and has been on the chapter board for many years. "The networking opportunities are fantastic and the knowledge gained through my association with NAFA has saved our company a lot of money," Colbert said.

In his spare time, Colbert is a car aficionado and stays active by playing tennis.


Bob Martines
Corporate Claims Management
Ivyland, PA

Bob Martines is NAFA's Trustee - Associate Members and the Founder of Corporate Claims Management (CCM). He currently serves as President and CEO. He began his career in 1977 with Salex Fleet Specialists. Having conceived, developed, and implemented the concept of accident management in the fleet industry 1979, Martines helped build CCM into a viable fleet service provider organization with a commitment to traditional "old fashioned" work ethics; honesty, diligence, integrity, and commitment to excellence on behalf of each client CCM serves.

Martines also conceived, helped to create, and oversaw the development of CCM’s FleetGuard Safety Management Program. FleetGuard is an online program that ensures corporate fleet managers of effective safety training, reduced vehicular accidents, and saving driver’s lives.

Active in NAFA, AFLA, and RIMS since 1987, Martines has made numerous presentations and authored articles for each throughout the U.S. covering accident management, subrogation recovery, vehicle remarketing, and insurance in fleet. He served on NAFA’s National Educational Committee as an instructor and on the Editorial Committee.

Martines received NAFA’s "Outstanding Chapter Service Award" in May of 2003; the first Affiliate in the history of the award to be recognized by multiple chapters. He was featured in Automotive Fleet Magazine "Fleet Personalities of the Year" in 2002 and 2009, and elected to Automotive Fleet's Hall of Fame in August, 2011. Martines received an award from NAFRD exemplifying their "Code of Ethics" for professionalism and integrity.

Martines is married with three adult daughters, one grandson, and one grand daughter.


25 years

Joel Durham, CAFM®
Fleet Services Supervisor
City of Huntsville
Huntsville, AL

It is the strength of our Members like Joseph M. Clark; Michael R. Colbert; NAFA Trustee-Associate Members Bob Martines; and Joel Durham, CAFM® that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.


January 2017

45 years

Gregory J. Tarring
Old Tappan, NJ

Gregory joined NAFA on January 27, 1972. He is a Member of the New York chapter. Gregory retired from Phillip Morris U.S.A. in 2004.

NAFA thanks Gregory for forty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

40 years

Mary Johnson
Oregon, OH

Mary joined NAFA on January 1, 1977 and is a Member of the Great Lakes (formerly Michigan) Chapter. She retired in 2000 from Owens-Illinois Inc., the largest manufacturer of glass containers in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

NAFA thanks Mary for forty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like her that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

35 years

Debbie Mize
Fleet/Relocations Manager
Hallmark Cards Inc.
Kansas City, MO

Debbie Mize has led an exemplary career in the field of fleet, serving on industry advisory boards for ADT Auctions, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler, as well as receiving Automotive Fleet Magazine’s 1995 Fleet Manager of the Year Award. Her career has spanned thirty-five years; thirty of which have been as a NAFA Member.

"I had no idea when I started in fleet thirty-five years ago what a great career it would be," Mize said. "I have taken on additional responsibilities for relocation and travel but my passion is certainly with fleet. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the support of so many in my industry."

"My support has included Hallmark’s management, my staff, family, business partners, and peers," Mize said. "There are so many resources available and many willing to help in the fleet industry."

Mize has also been a key figure in NAFA and AFLA, having been a member and on the National Board for both. She currently serves as National Treasurer for AFLA and Chapter Chair for the Mid-America Chapter for NAFA. She has been very involved in the educational programs and overall operation of the chapter, meriting the National "Outstanding Chapter Service Award" by NAFA.

"Being involved in NAFA and AFLA has also been very instrumental to my career," Mize said. "It has presented leadership opportunities for my development and given me the opportunity to work with so many knowledgeable individuals in the industry. Networking opportunities and keeping up on new trends and developments have been so beneficial from both organizations."

NAFA thanks Debbie Mize for her commitment to the Association and looks forward to many more years with her enthusiasm and energy. "I feel so fortunate to have been in such a great industry."

Wayne G. Smolda
CEO, The CEI Group Inc.
Trevose, PA

Wayne G. Smolda, Chief Executive Officer of The CEI Group, Inc., founded the company in 1983. A 1969 graduate of La Salle University with a degree in business administration, he was employed as a financial analyst and business consultant before entering the fleet industry. A 2010 inductee into the Fleet Hall of Fame, he launched the DriverCare safety services brand in 2002 which includes the DriverCare.com risk management application, and in 2003 introduced CEI to the European marketplace. Smolda is a partner of CSI Holdings, Inc., one of the largest operators of a collision repair shop chain. He is on the board of directors of Arbitration Forums, Inc., a non-profit firm that provides arbitration and subrogation services to the property and casualty insurance industry, and has also served on the board of directors of Provident Washington, a multi-regional insurance company.



It is the strength of our members like Gregory J. Tarring, Mary Johnson, Debbie Mize, and Wayne G. Smolda that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.