2016 Milestones

2016 Milestones


December 2016

25 years

Bob McElheney, CAFM®, C.P.M.
Director, City of Newport News
Department of Vehicle & Equipment Services
Bob McElheney's  career includes Military Service and senior management positions with Lowe’s Companies, Inc. with responsibilities in U.S. fleet operations, 3PL, and waste management. Bob’s current role with the City of Newport News focuses on outcome measures such as technician productivity and fleet availability, which affects the delivery of city services including public safety, refuse collection, and many others. Bob also serves on NAFA's Board of Governors as Chair of the Education Development Committee.

John J. O'Connor  
VELCOR Leasing Corporation
Madison, WI

John is a member of the Wisconsin Chapter.
20 years

Daniel A. Croft  
Director, Fleet Management Division
County of Collier
Fleet Management
Naples, FL
Daniel is a member of the Sunshine State Chapter.

David A. Smith  
Fleet Facilities Director
City of Galveston
Galveston, TX
David is a member of the Southwest Chapter.



It is the strength of our members like Bob, John, Daniel, and David that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.


November 2016

30 years

Jim Anselmi  
Whitsett, NC
Jim Anselmi has been involved in numerous areas of fleet operations starting in 1965 as an apprentice automotive mechanic, mechanic, automotive engineer and fleet manager with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  In 1996, Jim started with Lorillard Tobacco as Director of Fleet and Travel.  He also owned and operated a used motorcycle shop.  Jim Anselmi served as the President of NAFA, NAFA Foundation and AFLA.  He is the recipient of the NAFA Distinguished Service Award, Automotive Fleet Manager of the Year and member of the Automotive Hall of Fame.  Jim holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

25 years
James D. Christiano  
PARS - Professional Automotive
Relocation Service, Inc.
Gainesville, VA

Norm P. Neus  
Bluffton, SC

20 years

Dave Jenkins  
Public Works Mechanic Supv.
City of Ferguson
Ferguson, MO
Peter Popiel  
Govt Fleet & Commercial Sales Account Exec.
Stingray Chevrolet
Longwood, FL

Steven A. Schwartz, CAFM®
Senior Director, Client Relations
Wheels, Inc.
Valley Cottage, NY

Steven F. Weiser  
Sr. Government and Equipment Compliance Specialist
Oakbrook Terrace, IL

It is the strength of our members like Jim, James, Norm, Dave, Peter, Steven S., and Steven W. that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.


October 2016

30 years

Richard B. Simon  
Palm Desert, CA
"After graduating with a degree in accounting from San Jose State University I began my career with the County of Santa Clara California as an Accountant-Auditor. Seven years later I was appointed Fleet Manager of a 2,000 vehicle fleet. I never heard of a fleet manager when I was in college, but it turned out to be my calling. But with the help of NAFA and its membership you were never alone. If you needed any help managing the fleet, it was just a phone call away (email now).  

"I retired from the County after 30 wonderful and fun filled years and still keep in touch with my colleagues and friends from NAFA. I served as the San Francisco Chapter Chairman twice and the National Chair of the Alternate Fuels Committee. Currently I am working part time as a Senior Consultant for Mercury Associates, Inc., and meeting many new friends in the fleet business.

"My wife Connie and I moved to the desert (Palm Desert, CA) when we retired twelve years ago and very much enjoy the area. We travel quite frequently, but always have time for friends who stop by for a visit. I am on Facebook, so drop me a line."

25 years

Ralph Beatty  
Corporate Fleet Director
Currie Motors Fleet
Ford & Chevrolet
Frankfort, IL

Marvin V. Fletcher, CAFM®
Director of General Services
County of Hanover
General Services
Ashland, VA
County of Hanover, Virginia Director of General Services Marvin V. Fletcher, Jr. CAFM®, has been involved in fleet management with the county since 1989 and assumed additional responsibility for facilities management and risk management functions in 2012. Marvin earned his CAFM® designation in 1993 and is a charter member of the Old Dominion Chapter where he has served as treasurer, vice-chair and chair. Marvin has also served on various NAFA national committees and on the Board of Trustees from 2006-2011.
Paul N. Pelletier  
Fleet Sales
Friendly Chevrolet
Dallas, TX

It is the strength of our members like Richard Simon, Ralph Beatty, Marvin Fletcher, and Paul Pelletier that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.


September 2016

30 years

m-lopez-louise-davis-webclub_nafa_logo_rbgLouise Davis-Lopez, CFM/CAFM®
New Jersey

Louise Davis-Lopez, CFM/CAFM®, has more than thirty years fleet experience. She is a former Fleet Manager for Johnson & Johnson, which included 7,500 vehicles nationally. She is the founder of  “Fleet Excellence,” an internal recognition program for Johnson & Johnson Fleet Business Partners.  The program not only recognizes Best in Class performance, it influences behaviors that drive future results.

Louise previously served as New Jersey NAFA Chair, NJ Chapter Treasurer, and National Audit Committee Chair.

She was the first to partner with NAFA Headquarters to develop and launch the first NAFA sponsored Pharmaceutical survey, which has become a widely used and highly valued resource in the industry.  Louise has also successfully facilitated many past NAFA FMI Pharmaceutical workshops.

Louise holds a B.A. degree from Rutgers University in Accounting/Economics and a programming diploma from Chubb Institute. Davis-Lopez earned Green Belt certification for her work on Vehicle Condition, which yielded financial, process, and efficiency improvements.


25 years

George Dodd

H.M. Dodd Motor Co.
Gilmer, TX

George Dodd joined NAFA in the mid 1970’s at the urging of Jack Lamb of Exxon.

H. M. Dodd Motor Company has been an industry leader in buying used fleets for over 50 years. George is still active in the business, but has turned most of the day to day operations over to the next generation.

George has spoken at NAFA conferences, both at local chapter meetings and the national conference, on a number of occasions discussing the marketing of fleet vehicles. George and his late wife, Claudia, never missed a NAFA conference for many years.

He would encourage anyone who is responsible for any size fleet to be a member of NAFA and take advantage of the knowledge that exists there. George and his wife Judy enjoy traveling, ranching, and he is a collector of vintage cars.

August 2016

25 years

Art Failla
Assistant VP, Client Relations

Wheels, Inc.
Cumming, GA

Art is a member of the Atlanta Chapter.

Raymond P. Hanna, CAFM®
Manager of Branch Equipment & Facilities
Heritage – Crystal Clean
Elgin, IL

Raymond is a member of the Colorado Chapter.

F. Wayne Mendenhall  
Vice President
Mendenhall Auto Auction, Inc.
High Point, NC

Wayne is a member of the Carolinas Chapter.

Gayle Pratt  
Bigfork, MN

NAFA Past President Gayle Pratt (2007-2009) is a member of the North Central Chapter. Under her watch, NAFA underwent its rebranding from “National Association of Fleet Administrators” to “NAFA (NAFA Fleet Management Association).” She retired from her fleet work with Ecolab in 2013.

20 years

Kurt E. Karlson, CAFM®
Fleet Maintenance Manager
Whatcom Transportation Authority
Bellingham, WA

Kurt is a member of the Puget Sound Chapter.

Robert M. Polka, CAFM®
Director – Fleet Maintenance & Equipment
Valley Proteins, Inc.
Rush, NY

Robert is a member of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter.

Charlie Stevenson, CAFM®
Manager of Fleet Operations
Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc.
Springfield, PA

Charlie is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter.

jodi_george_chrisGeorge D. Survant  
Senior Director – Fleet
Time Warner Cable
Charlotte, NC

George, along with Time Warner Cable, won the Corporate Fleet Excellence Award (FLEXY) for Sustainable Practices in 2016. George is a previous winner of the Sustainable Fleet Award, a precursor to the Sustainable category for FLEXYs, in 2008. George is a member of the Carolinas Chapter.

July 2016

30 years

Richard S. Cassard 

Annapolis, MD

Richard has been a member of NAFA since July 1986.  He was very active in NAFA’s Chesapeake Chapter where he served as Vice Chair from 1996-1999 and twice served as Safety Chair (1996-97 and 2001-2002).

Richard retired from the Anne Arundel County Police Department in April 2002 and currently lives in Galesville, MD.


20 years

Diane M. Lopez 
Category Manager, Global Fleet
Abbott Park, IL

NAFA Member Diane Lopez,  Chicago Chapter’s trusted longtime Chair, was recently promoted at her company Abbott, Abbott Park, IL. She will be responsible for Abbott’s entire fleet program (U.S. and global duties) and retains overall fleet manager and procurement responsibilities, including all ground transportation modes. Diane will also be involved with developing a global fleet strategy/program for Abbott.

Randy G. Owen, CAFM®
Vice President, Mercury Associates, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

Randy is a member of the Carolinas Chapter.

It is the strength of our members like Richard, Diane, and Randy that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.

June 2016

25 years

Sheryl Grossman
Waukesha, WI

“I had a wonderful forty-year career at GE Healthcare from which I recently retired. I was fortunate enough to lead my fleet as well as our internal GE Fleet Council through the years bringing growth along with process improvement. My active involvement in NAFA from the Chapter level to the National level allowed me to grow as an individual. I can’t say enough how much you will get back by giving a little. NAFA blue runs through my veins!

“I have met wonderful people from across this country and have learned so much from them all. At this point, I am still saying yes with volunteering my time with the School Sisters of Notre Dame for their fleet. I also watch my two grandsons a few days a week, run our local high school concession stand, and am treasurer with a group supporting our high school athletics with capital improvements, work with our feeder football team on fundraising events, and of course still am an active member of the Wisconsin NAFA Chapter.”

Patrick D. Stroud
Fleet Manager, Fleet Services
City of Rockville
Rockville, MD

“I have been employed at the City of Rockville, MD for 32 years, the entire time in the Public Works/Fleet Services Division and serving as the Fleet Manager for 27 years.

“Although the fleet is considered small (less than 450 units), it is very diversified and must meet the needs of all the premium services the City provides its citizens in water & sewer utilities, refuse collections, street maintenance, storm water management, and recreation parks operations. That also means that I, as the manager of a small fleet, assume many different roles in addition to division head such as fleet system administrator, procurement specialist,  budget developer, and fuel operations management.

“For 25 of those years, NAFA has been a great resource for helping me with many of these areas responsibility. Whether it was though an on-line training or networking with follow colleagues at a regional or national event, the time invested into the organization has been invaluable.”

It is the strength of our members like Sheryl and Patrick that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.

May 2016

25 years

Taylor F. Clark
Mobility Works
Akron, OH

20 years

Michael Collins
Equipment Service Superintendent
City of LaPorte
LaPorte, TX

Mark G. Mazur
Manager – Fleet Assets
Pepco Holdings Inc.
Newark, DE

Carl A. Nelson
Summit, WV

Andrew E. Terpak
Tallahassee, FL

April 2016

30 years


club_nafa_logo_rbgMary A. Daniel
Fleet Manager
School Sisters of St. Francis
Milwaukee, WI

Milton R. Reid  
Gainesville, FL

Jeffery L. Thomas  
Fleet Supervisor
City of Barstow
Barstow, CA

25 years

Christopher D. Amos, CAFM®
Commissioner of Equip. Svcs.
City of St. Louis, Equipment Services Division
St. Louis, MO

20 years

Claude T. Masters, CAFM®
Coldspring, TX

Richard F. Teebay  
Fleet & Transportation Spec
County of Los Angeles, Internal Services Department
Los Angeles, CA

March 2016

35 years

club_nafa_logo_rbgBrandon A. Sohl
Hernando, FL

“After joining the family business, Auto Driveaway Co in 1978, my first NAFA meeting was in at the Lemming Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.At that time the movers and shakers of fleet and leasing industry were the corporate fleet managers, the leasing companies’ executive’s and the manufacture’s fleet sales personnel who meet together at the annual NAFA conference.

“I was impressed with the camaraderie of this group who were willing to discuss industry problems and share advice on solutions, as well as, make industry contacts to improve their knowledge of Affiliate operations which could improve the efficiency of the corporate fleet departments. During the 1980’s I became the Affiliate chairman on the NAFA Board of Directors which allowed the Board Members to understand the needs and requests of the affiliate members. I found this position very rewarding since the Board members were always willing to accept positive improvements.

“After leaving the vehicle transport business and the fleet management industry in 2005, I have worked in the banking industry and later in the insurance industry. I now live in Hernando, Florida. I enjoy bicycling, fishing, golf, and travel. After purchasing a 2009 Corvette, I joined a local Corvette Club (once a car guy, always a car guy). In addition I have become a loyal Florida Gators fan.

“In reflection, I have enjoyed the fast pace of change in the automobile business, new vehicles every year, new technology and new ideas for improvement of fleet management. It appears that this still the exciting part of the current industry.”

club_nafa_logo_rbgMichael Stevens

Corporate Fleet Services, Inc.
Highland Park, MI

Mike Stevens is Managing Partner of Corporate Fleet Services, Inc., an Auto, Truck, Bus, Leasing and Management Services company.  His relationship with NAFA has been a good learning experience and he has recommended NAFA to all clients as an excellent source of fleet information. His relationship with NAFA allowed him to see fleet service through the eyes of the fleet manager spurring the client services plan Corporate Fleet utilizes to satisfy its clients today.


25 years

Thomas E. Larkum  
North American Fleet Consulting
Avon, CT

“I have been extremely fortunate to have such a great career in public service fleet management. My background has been primarily in municipal fleet, traffic control, and parking operations.”My involvement in NAFA for over 25 years has been an amazing experience. Everything I learned from NAFA enhanced my career. Attending over 25 I&E (FMI) LEG educational programs, incredible networking, and guidance with my NAFA peers, made my job so much easier. Not to mention NAFA’s ability to throw the best parties ever! I also got to improve my golf game between classes and meetings of course!”It was my pleasure to give back whatever and whenever I could, serving as Chapter Chair, Board of Governors, National Public Service Chairmen, LEG Committees, and Speaker and receiving NAFA’s Outstanding Service Award in 2005.”I have traveled this great country with NAFA from coast to coast. I had an UNBELIEVABLE good time. I am especially grateful to all my NAFA friends that have enriched my life along this journey.”Really cool news, ‘this ride and drive ain’t over yet!'”

Fred J. Davies  
Dir. – Fleet, Facilities & Communications
Town of Framingham, Department of Public Works
Framingham, MA

Richard P. Nicoletti  
General Manager
Napleton Fleet Group
Westmont, IL

John P. Pieper  
Purchasing Agent
City of New Britain
New Britain, CT

It is the strength of our members like Brandon, Michael, Fred, Thomas, Richard, and John that has helped make NAFA the strongest association in fleet management today.

February 2016

30 years

club_nafa_logo_rbgLeonie Von Halle
Playa del Rey, CA

“I began my fleet career at Teledyne and was Fleet Administrator of a 4,000 vehicle fleet in 1985. In 1997, Teledyne merged with Allegheny Ludlum and my job ended, but I was lucky to find a Fleet Manager position at Pinkerton. I enjoyed working there but the commute in LA traffic was tough and after a year, I accepted a position as Fleet Manager at CSC corporation which was very close to my home.

“In 2012, CSC moved their headquarters to Falls Church, VA and I decided not to take the relocation package. During my career, I was very active with NAFA serving as Secretary, Treasurer, Chapter Chair, Membership Chair, and Arrangements Co-chair for NAFA’s conference in San Diego in 1994.”


20 Years

jjeterJeffery L. Jeter
Fleet Manager
Chesterfield County Department of General Services Fleet Services

NAFA Vice President Jeff Jeter is an integral figure with the Old Dominion Chapter and is a past Chapter Chair. He has provided service and support to NAFA’s events, most notably as a presenter at NAFA’s Institute & Expo. Jeff and Chesterfield County Department of General Services Fleet Services have frequently been nominees for NAFA’s Fleet Excellence Awards (FLEXY) and Chesterfield County Fleet Management Division is ISO 14001:2004 certified.

January 2016

25 years

Thomas F. Maher
Pepperell, MA

20 years

Joseph I. LaRosa
Hamilton Township, NJ