2012 Milestones

2012 Milestones

Congratulations to the following members who celebrated membership milestones in 2012!

Thanks for being part of the NAFA family!

December 2012

25 years

Brenda Koenen
Fleet Administrator
MGIC Investment Corp.
Milwaukee, WI

Brenda is the Chapter Secretary of the Wisconsin Chapter, a position she has held since 2010 and, before that, in 2004-2005. Brenda is the primary contact for the chapter’s communications. Brenda is also scheduled to serve on the Chapter Reception Committee in 2013, which she has previously been involved with (2005-2010). In 2001-2002 Brenda served as Chapter Program Committee Chair.

Ralph W. Shafer
Transportation Manager
Professional Community, Management, Inc.
Laguna Hills, CA

Ralph is a member of the Puget Sound Chapter. NAFA thanks Ralph for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

November 2012

25 years

William M. Rustad
Manager, Purchasing & Support Service
COUNTRY Financial
Arden Hills, MN

William is a member of the North Central chapter. NAFA thanks William Rustad for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

October 2012

35 years

LaVerne Butler
Philadelphia, PA

LaVerne was NAFA’s 2004 Member Recipient of the Outstanding Chapter Service Award (Philadelphia Chapter). NAFA thanks LaVerne Buttler for thirty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like her that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

Robert W. Fields
St. Louis Park, MN

NAFA thanks Robert Fields for thirty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

Chris_ManninoChris C. Mannino
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

NAFA thanks Chris Mannino for thirty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

30 years

William J. Hoysgaard
Swampscott, MA

William was NAFA’s 2006 Affiliate Recipient of the Outstanding Chapter Service Award (New England Chapter). NAFA thanks William Hoysgaard for thirty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

Sydney Z. Pawlowski
Supv. Rideshare Operations
King County, Department of Transportation
Seattle, WA

NAFA thanks Sydney Pawlowski thirty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

September 2012

55 years

George Wilson NAFA Fleet Management Association

George Wilson
Palm Bay, FL

With distinctly audible melancholy, Co-Founder George Wilson looked back on his early years first with the Round Table Group and then with what that group would ultimately become: NAFA Fleet Management Association. Now in his 90s, Wilson thought of those who shared the formative years with him and said, “I guess there’s not too many people around from that time now.”

Wilson, who celebrates his 55th year with NAFA in September 2012, spoke of those who worked with the association’s forerunner Round Table Group, like Walter Langseder and Jonathon Sibley.

These first steps in the early 1950’s led to formation of the Round Table Group, localized specifically to fleet managers in the New York/Mid-Atlantic region. While only consisting of twenty fleet managers, each member rotated responsibilities and, more importantly, pushed forward the needs that the SAE could not – sharing the information that was most pertinent to the management and maintenance issues that most affected the fleet professional. It was the place to network and to share ideas. It was also, however, quickly outgrowing the boundaries Langseder, Sibley, and Wilson had set for it.

In 1957, a pivotal moment had come where containing the Round Table Group no longer seemed like a sustainable plan. “We met with S.J. “Sam” Lee, who operated a leasing business in Detroit. He said he would have his attorneys draw up papers to establish a national association for fleet managers, so that is pretty much how it all started.”

Wilson would become the Third Vice President of the Association, Chairman for the New York region, and head of the Membership Committee. Sibley took the position of Assistant Treasurer. Langseder was Chairman of the Safety Committee, served in several Vice Presidencies and later, in 1962, succeeded Lee A. Westberg as NAFA’s President.

The efforts of the nascent association were welcomed by the companies which employed its membership. “The people above me at Lever Bros. fortunately were very much involved in supporting my being with NAFA,” Wilson said. “They felt we couldn’t learn enough. They always wanted us to make our fleet better than it currently was. They supported me in every way including allowing me to go to meetings, getting speakers, and things like that.”

30 years

Steve Anderson
Omaha, NE

Janis Christensen NAFA Fleet Management AssociationJanis Christensen, CAFM®
Director, Corporate Fleet Management Svcs.
Mercury Associates, Inc.
Rossmoor, CA

Janis Christensen is Director of Corporate Fleet Services with Mercury Associates, an independent consulting firm dedicated to providing objective, unbiased advice and technical guidance to organizations that operate fleets.

With over 25 years of fleet management experience, Christensen began her fleet career as a fleet manager in 1982. She has provided consulting services since 1998 to a wide array of private and public fleets, fleet service providers, automotive trade associations, and automotive publication companies. Prior to merging her company with Mercury in 2005, Christensen was President of Christensen & Day Group. Previously, she worked at TRW where she was responsible for fleets of 3,000 vehicles during fifteen of her 21 years with the company.

Christensen is an active member of the fleet management profession and is a past Vice President of NAFA. Since 1984, she has served NAFA in a variety of national and local positions and in 1999, was honored with NAFA’s highest award for Distinguished Service. She is currently serving as Co-Vice Chair of the Education Development Committee and as an instructor for NAFA’s Fleet Management Seminar. She is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM®).

Susan Montemorra
Brooklyn, NY

“30 years…As the saying goes time truly doesn’t wait for anyone!

“I remember starting my fleet career in banking as a rookie out of college. My knowledge of fleet was limited so I had to learn the business from the ground up. Even back then, managers didn’t have time for training so I learned by asking questions, lots of them. Moving from banking I went to the cosmetics industry and managed a fleet thirty-seven times larger than what I had previously done. This was a significant challenge but it allowed me to delve deep into all aspects of fleet and really learn what it was all about. I eventually went back to banking where I was involved in the consolidation of the fleets as a result of three bank mergers. My role there was expanded to include various support services functions and with it the promotion to VP.

“My most recent assignment was as the GM of fleet for an HVAC company. This role led me to an expanded one, Vice President of Operations. While I am proud of my accomplishments and enjoy the challenge of new responsibilities, I always look back on my fleet assignments as my favorites.

“Currently I am on hiatus, enjoying time with my husband, family, and many friends.”

25 years

John McCorkhill NAFA Fleet Management Association

John McCorkhill, CFM/CAFM®
Fleet Services Director
City of Lynchburg
Lynchburg, VA

John McCorkhill’s fifty-year work career has been spent as a farmer, gas station attendant, soldier, accountant, lighting specialist, and fleet manager. Thirty of the fifty years has been in fleet management.

All of McCorkhill’s fleet “life” has been spent managing a municipal fleet beginning in Indianapolis and ending in Lynchburg, VA, and as he nears the end of his fleet career he feels his greatest fleet accomplishment has been to help elevate the respectability of municipal fleet management. When McCorkhill began his fleet career in 1982, customers were told to take their vehicle to the garage for service, and now they’re told to take it to fleet. ” Not much in the way of a word change, but those who have been around municipal fleet circles as long as I have can acknowledge this really does denote a change in mindset,” McCorkhill said.

During his fleet career McCorkhill has earned four professional certifications, was named Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year in 2006, and received Honorary Lifetime Membership in NAFA in 2012. He’s served in leadership roles for NAFA and APWA and has been an instructor at many fleet workshops and conferences over the years.

Born and raised in Indiana, McCorkhill says he will always be a Hoosier, (“Whatever that is,” he joked), and upon retirement he, his wife Melody Ann, and mother-in-law Lois will pull up stakes from Virginia and resettle in the Midwest where he plans to plant a big garden.

Ernest Moroz NAFA Fleet Management AssociationErnest A. Moroz
Milford, CT

Ernie Moroz started his long run in the food and beverages (45+ years) industry as a salesman with the Duffy Mott Company, Inc (Mott’s) in January, 1963.

After two years in the field, he was promoted to the Customer Service Department in the New York City office. This was followed by promotions to Supervisor – Accounts Payable; Assistant Supervisor – General Accounting; and Assistant Manager-Personnel and Office Support Services.

In mid-1978 he inherited Fleet as one of his new responsibilities – all of fifteen sales vehicles. The company was taken over by Cadbury Schweppes Inc. in 1982 and relocated to Stamford, CT in 1983. Moroz was promoted to Manager, Administrative Services and Fleet. “After several acquisitions and reorganizations, my fleet grew to 1500 units including fleet responsibilities for Canada,” he said.

While working fulltime, Moroz completed his undergraduate work at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Campus and transferred to, and graduated from, the University of Connecticut earning a Bachelor’s Degree – major Communication, minor History.

As a proud NAFA member (Intercounty Chapter), he has helped in positions as Chapter Chair and Treasurer, and participated in many meeting presentations.

In 2008, Cadbury Schweppes’ east coast operations and jobs transitioned to Plano, TX to be integrated into the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. “This set the stage in my life – retirement,” Moroz said. He has been married 35 years to wife Karen, has two daughters, and is the proud grandad to four grandchildren. “Today my daily activities center on my grandchildren and church; I am responsible for building and grounds.”

Stephen O’Shea
Fleet & Equipment Manager
Sachs Electric Co.
St. Louis, MO

NAFA thanks Stephen O’Shea for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

August 2012

25 years

David Berke
Car and Truck Transport
Bay Shore, NY

David Berke grew up in the fleet industry. His father, Robert Berke was the Executive Director of NAFA from 1965 to 1985 and was responsible for the largest growth in members in NAFA’s history at that time period.

Berke was the Corporate Fleet Manager for Actmedia for thirteen years and is currently the President of Car and Truck Transport.

Residing in Bay Shore, NY with his wife and three children, Berke is active in the community coaching baseball and volunteering at the local high school, building stage sets for the theater department. When not working or coaching Berke is an avid sailor and collects and restores antique BMWs.

July 2012

45 years

James Frank
Wheels, Inc.
Des Plaines, IL

James S. Frank has been Chief Executive Officer and President of Wheels Inc. since 1974. Frank joined Wheels in 1967. He serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Frank Consolidated Enterprises (Wheels Inc.’s Parent Company). He served as both President and Chairperson of the American Automobile Leasing Association (AALA). He was responsible for designing and implementing the first IT systems which were used to collect a wide range of information and deliver that data to fleet managers in a way that helped them better manage their fleets.

Frank serves as Director of American Automobile Leasing Association and University of Chicago; as a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago Hospitals; and a member of the Board of Overseers of the Thayer Engineering School at Dartmouth College. He holds B.A. from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford Business School.

Patrick J. Sheehan
Director of Corporate Fleet
Baxter Healthcare (retired)
Barrington, IL

Patrick J. Sheehan was NAFA President from 1983 to 1985. He is credited, during his tenure as NAFA President, for surpassing the total membership mark of 2,500 for the Association, a high-point for NAFA at that time.

Sheehan was also instrumental in the development of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Certified Fleet Manager Program, a precursor to what would ultimately become NAFA’s CAFM program. He was recipient of NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award in 1988.

Recalling his introduction to NAFA, Sheehan noted both he and the Association were in their formative periods. “Shortly after I joined Baxter Healthcare in 1967, the CEO suggested I might be interested in a fairly new organization for fleet administrators called NAFA. I decided he was right and became a member,” Sheehan recalled. “Can you believe, back then, power options was the big issue?”

Through a steady, and relatively quick window of time, Sheehan became invaluable to NAFA as it grew. “1971 was a busy year. I became Chapter Chair in Chicago, and was asked to be NAFA Conference Chair that same year. In 1974, I became a trustee, moved along into the chairs and eventually became President in 1983; then on to the Board of Governors.”

Prior to his years in fleet, Sheehan served as a ground accident investigator during the Korean War. It can be easily assumed that such an experience would lend itself to Sheehan’s warm feelings toward NAFA’s sense of camaraderie, working alongside peers who all shared the same ambitions and goals. “I am honored to have served with, and learned from, these most competent men, who were considered more than business associates, but friends.”

25 Years

Walter J. Burnett, CAFM®
Macomb, IL

Walter J. Burnett, CAFM®, served the public works profession for over thirty-eight years. He has worked for the Cities of Knoxville, TN; Schaumburg, IL; Beverly Hills, CA, and retired as Public Works Director of the City of Macomb, IL, where he managed a full service public works operation, water and wastewater utility, and capital improvement program.

Burnett has been active in professional associations, has served on the Board of Trustees as Trustee, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President for NAFA; Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network, where he served as a Founding Director, the American Public Works Association, and is a past President of the Automotive Transportation Supervisors Association. His public works construction projects have received APWA Illinois Projects of the Year Awards three times. He was a 2006 finalist for Government Fleet Magazine’s Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year Award and in 2007 received NAFA’s Excellence in Education Award. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tennessee and is a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager. He currently works as a Project Consultant for the Jones Corporation.

Warren T. Dudek
Fleet and Travel Manager
inVentiv Health
Somerset, NJ

NAFA thanks Warren Dudek for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

Russell R. Evans
Vice President
Hertrich Fleet Services, Inc.
Milford, DE

Russell R. Evans served in the U.S. Coast Guard 1960-1964. From there he worked at Household Finance Corporation 1964-1973, completed their Management Training Program, was promoted to Branch Manager, and then to New Business Representative. From there Evans moved to Colonial Chevrolet, Wilmington, DE 1973-1989 (as F & I Manager; New Car Manager; Used Car Manager; Truck Center Manager; Fleet Sales Manager; and General Sales Manager). He was with Winner Automotive Group, Wilmington, DE 1989-1998 as Director of Fleet Sales. He has been with the Hertrich Family of Automobile Dealerships, Seaford, from 1998 to the present as Vice President of Hertrich Fleet Services, Milford.

Evans has been awarded five times by Ford Motor Company as a Top 25 Government Sales Dealer.

L. A. Farmer
Farmbro Inc.
Mississauga, ON

NAFA thanks L. A. Farmer for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

Ronald E. Mawaka
CEO, Chairman
Fleet Response
Cleveland, OH

NAFA thanks Ronald Mawaka for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

John B. O’Hare
Equipment Manager
Protection Services Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
NAFA thanks John O’Hare for twenty-five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

David G. Robertson, CAFM®
Spring, TX

David Robertson, CAFM®, was Assistant Director for the City of Houston Fire Department Fleet Management. Robertson was president of the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) from 2001-2003. Following his retirement, Robertson worked with Mercury Associates, Inc., a fleet management consulting company headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, as a senior associate consultant. He received NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award in 2007.

Douglas Weichman, CAFM®
Palm Beach County, Fleet Management
West Palm Beach, FL

Douglas Weichman, CAFM®, currently serves as President of NAFA Fleet Management Association. Douglas has been an active Member of NAFA since 1987 and has been involved within NAFA’s educational programs, the Public Safety Group, the Fuels & Technology Committee, and the Student Advisory Task Force. His NAFA career is highlighted by the creation of NAFA Sustainable Fleet Award (formerly known as the Green Fleet Award) and the Student Advisory Task Force. His work as an instructor for NAFA’s Fleet Management Seminar and the development of several educational products has been instrumental for the Association.

Doug has been the Director Fleet Management for Palm Beach County, Florida since 1990. Before that he was the Fleet Manager for Miami-Dade County for nine years and has held private sector fleet positions upon graduating from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Automotive & Heavy Equipment Technology.

In addition to NAFA, Weichman is also an active member of the Florida Association of Governmental Fleet Administrators. Among his career highlights are his appointment by the Governor of Florida to the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities initiative and his selection in 2009 as Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year.

June 2012

45 years

John Peterson 
Lake Oswego, OR

John was a recipient of NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award in 1983. NAFA thanks John for forty five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.



30 years

Johnnie Schmauder, CFM/CAFM®
Tualatin, OR


Johnnie Schmauder received his CFM certificate in 1987. NAFA thanks Johnnie for thirty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

April 2012

30 years

Jim Garland 
Vice President of Operations
Houston Distributing Co. Inc.
Houston, TX

NAFA thanks Jim Garland for thirty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.  

Linda A. Socia, CAFM®Image
Mgr, Veh. Acquisition & Maint.
Lorillard Tobacco Company
Greensboro, NC

Linda Socia assists in managing 1,000 vehicles throughout the United States. Socia’s responsibilities include replacing 300+ vehicles each model year, ensuring driver compliance with maintenance policies, and communications to drivers relating to cost savings. Due to her continued efforts, Lorillard’s National Account usage has averaged over ninety percent since 2002 and over ninety-five percent since 2008. She was instrumental in changing drivers’ fuel purchasing habits from fifty-six percent Tier 1 stations Q1 2009 to twenty-seven percent Tier 1 Q4 2011. Socia earned her CAFM® in 1993. Prior to joining Lorillard, she was Fleet Administrator at Colgate-Palmolive Company in New York City. Socia served the New York Chapter as Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair and has been Secretary and Treasurer for the Carolinas’ Chapter. She participated in GE Fleet Services’ Vehicle Acquisition Client Council in 2008 and is currently a member of their Customer Web Council. Socia holds a B.A. from Kalamazoo College with a major in French and a minor in psychology. Socia’s hobbies range from gourmet cooking to NASCAR.

March 2012

35 years


Sal J. Giacchi, CFM/CAFM®
Franklin, NJ

Sal Giacchi, CAFM®, CFM, began his career in the automotive business began at age 16 working part-time at a service station, pumping gas and learning about cars. He rose up the ranks, becoming a service manger while, at the same time, he studied accounting and business administration.

Giacchi started his business career with Borden Inc., working as a cost accountant. In ’71, he became Assistant Fleet Administrator with GAF, working with twelve business groups that ran more than 1,500 cars. When the gas crisis of ’72 resulted in the sharp dive of the price of full-size gas-guzzlers, Giacchi began investigating the company’s used-car marketing. In ’74, he was selected to head the used-car operation; his main responsibility was to implement a used-car marketing network that included a dealer/wholesaler network as well as direct sales to employees. This network was able to market ninety percent of the recycling fleet at ninety-to-one hundred percent of AMR value. Additionally, Giacchi recommended downsizing and continued this program – even when other fleets went back to full-size V-8s – in order to net better fuel savings.

When he was promoted to Manager of Automobile Fleet Administration in ’77, Giacchi worked closely with information systems’ staff to plan and implement a vehicle management system. Codenamed FAST for Fleet Administration System Terminal, the system aided in controlling vehicles and related costs.

In ’81, Giacchi moved from GAF to Lorillard Tobacco, a division of Loew’s Corp.

Giacchi served as NAFA President from 1999-2001.

25 years


Matthew Betz 
Vice President, Government Fleet Services
LeasePlan USA
Alpharetta, GA

Matthew P. Betz, a thirty-year industry veteran, serves as Vice President, Government Fleet Services for LeasePlan USA. In this role, he is responsible for leading the company’s government fleet services program, which is a complete fleet support service designed for government fleets and their unique needs. In his twenty-five year NAFA membership, Betz has served in a number of positions at the local and national level, including positions on the Education Committee, The Education Steering Board, The Affiliate Committee, and several terms on the I&E Curriculum Committee. He is the most recent past Affiliate Trustee on the NAFA Board of Trustees and recipient of NAFA’s Excellence in Education Award. Betz is a frequent NAFA speaker, presenting at dozens of local and regional NAFA chapter meetings as well as serving as a moderator and speaker at I&E.

February 2012

35 years

Joseph M. Clark 
Raleigh, NC

Joe Clark worked at Burroughs Wellcome Pharmaceutical Company twenty-nine years, at Lab Corp three years, and at Qualex for five years. He retired in 2003, but has been involved with Corporate Claims Management as a Consultant. Clark cited, as some of his proudest NAFA moments, starting the Carolina Chapter in 1979, and serving as President as well as serving as Trustee on NAFA’s Board.

Clark said of his experiences, “My memories are many and the professional NAFA Members and Affiliates will always have a special place in my life.”

25 years

ImageKeith E. Branner, CAFM®
Director, Fleet Services
Harris County
Houston, TX

Keith Branner, CAFM®, started his career with Harris County, TX as an Auto Technician in 1975, then was promoted to the position of Shop Manager in 1982. He served in that capacity until his appointment as Director of Fleet Services in 1986.

In this position, Branner directs the overall operation of the department, including vehicle procurement and disposition, vehicle maintenance and repair, fuel management, environmental and governmental regulations, data compilation and analysis, and departmental policies. He currently oversees 2, 857 vehicles, five maintenance facilities, eleven fuel stations, and forty-two employees.

Branner’s professional accreditation includes achieving ASE Master Auto Technician status for 1986-1992 and Certified Automotive Fleet Manager status from 1993 to present. “I have been a member of NAFA since 1987 and have served in numerous board positions on the Chapter and National levels,” Branner said. “I have been very fortunate to have an extremely dedicated and qualified staff of employees. (They) have helped the department grow and cope with numerous changes and demands over the years.”

“Even after a long and successful professional career, I feel my greatest accomplishment is as a parent in the raising of two wonderful young men, my sons Garrett and Justin,” Branner said.

ImageMichael R. Colbert
Purchasing Manager
Ash Grove Cement Co.
Overland Park, KS

Michael Colbert joined the NAFA Mid-America Chapter in 1987, saying “(I) was immediately welcomed into the world of fleet. I found it was the best way to meet experts in the profession and exchange practices and ideas.”

Colbert has been active ever since, having held the chapter officer positions of Treasurer, Vice Chair, and Chair, and has been on the chapter board for over twenty years. “The networking opportunities are fantastic and the knowledge gained through my association with NAFA has saved our company a lot of money,” Colbert said.

In his spare time, Colbert is a car aficionado and stays active by playing tennis.

ImageBob Martines 
Corporate Claims Management
Ivyland, PA

Martines is the Founder of Corporate Claims Management (CCM), and currently serves as President and CEO. He began his career in 1977 with Salex Fleet Specialists. Having conceived, developed, and implemented the concept of accident management in the fleet industry 1979, Martines helped build CCM into a viable fleet service provider organization with a commitment to traditional “old fashioned” work ethics; honesty, diligence, integrity, and commitment to excellence on behalf of each client CCM serves.

Martines also conceived, helped to create, and oversaw the development of CCM’s FleetGuard Safety Management Program. FleetGuard is an online program that ensures corporate fleet managers of effective safety training, reduced vehicular accidents, and saving driver’s lives.

Active in NAFA, AFLA, and RIMS since 1987, Martines has made numerous presentations and authored articles for each throughout the U.S. covering accident management, subrogation recovery, vehicle remarketing, and insurance in fleet. He served on NAFA’s National Educational Committee as an instructor and on the Editorial Committee.

Martines received NAFA’s “Outstanding Chapter Service Award” in May of 2003; the first Affiliate in the history of the award to be recognized by multiple chapters. He was featured in Automotive Fleet Magazine “Fleet Personalities of the Year” in 2002 and 2009, and elected to Automotive Fleet’s Hall of Fame in August, 2011. Martines received an award from NAFRD exemplifying their “Code of Ethics” for professionalism and integrity.

Martines is married with three adult daughters, one grandson, and one grand daughter.

ImageWilliam K. Roberts 
Business Analyst
University of Minnesota, Parking & Transportation Services
Minneapolis, MN

For most of Bill Roberts’ twenty-four year career, he was the Director of Fleet Services at the University of Minnesota. Prior to the University he spent ten years at automobile dealerships. In 2009 he moved to the fleet department’s parent, Parking and Transportation Services. For one year he was the Transit Manager and is now the department’s Analyst, reviewing all aspects of the department and leading its sustainability efforts. His main project during the last year has been replacing parking attendants with automated payment machines.

For his last five years as Fleet Manager the University of Minnesota fleet has received the “100 Best Fleets in North America” designation from Fleet Equipment Magazine and, during his year as Transit Manager, the operation was named Minnesota Transit System of the Year. He was very active in fleet safety, creating and teaching a fifteen-passenger van training course and the National Safety Council’s Four-Hour Defensive Driving Course.

Roberts has been very active in NAFA, holding all North Central Chapter positions including two terms as chapter Chair for a total of four years. He has served on numerous NAFA national committees, and chairing the Fleet Information Resource Center Committee for two years. He has presented at the I&E, being very active in the University group.

January 2012

40 years

Gregory J. Tarring 
Old Tappan, NJ

Gregory joined NAFA on January 27, 1972. He is a Member of the New York chapter. Gregory retired from Phillip Morris U.S.A. in 2004.

NAFA thanks Gregory for forty years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

35 years


Michael Cacak 
Eagle, NE

Michael joined NAFA on January 1, 1977 and is a Member of the Midwest chapter. He previously worked with the University of Nebraska, and retired in 2005.

NAFA thanks Michael for thirty five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

Mary Johnson 
Oregon, OH

Mary joined NAFA on January 1, 1977 and is a Member of the Great Lakes (formerly Michigan) Chapter. She retired in 2000 from Owens-Illinois Inc., the largest manufacturer of glass containers in North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

NAFA thanks Mary for thirty five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.

30 years

ImageDebbie Mize 
Fleet/Relocations Manager
Hallmark Cards Inc.
Kansas City, MO

Debbie Mize has led an exemplary career in the field of fleet, serving on industry advisory boards for ADT Auctions, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler, as well as receiving Automotive Fleet Magazine’s 1995 Fleet Manager of the Year Award. Her career has spanned thirty-five years; thirty of which has been as a NAFA Member.

“I had no idea when I started in fleet thirty-five years ago what a great career it would be,” Mize said. “I have taken on additional responsibilities for relocation and travel but my passion is certainly with fleet. I have been extremely fortunate to have had the support of so many in my industry.”

“My support has included Hallmark’s management, my staff, family, business partners, and peers,” Mize said. “There are so many resources available and many willing to help in the fleet industry.”

Mize has also been a key figure in NAFA and AFLA, having been a member and on the National Board for both. She currently serves as National Treasurer for AFLA and Chapter Chair for the Mid-America Chapter for NAFA. She has been very involved in the educational programs and overall operation of the chapter, meriting the National “Outstanding Chapter Service Award” by NAFA.

“Being involved in NAFA and AFLA has also been very instrumental to my career,” Mize said. “It has presented leadership opportunities for my development and given me the opportunity to work with so many knowledgeable individuals in the industry. Networking opportunities and keeping up on new trends and developments have been so beneficial from both organizations.”

NAFA thanks Debbie Mize for her commitment to the Association and looks forward to many more years with her enthusiasm and energy. “I feel so fortunate to have been in such a great industry.”

ImageWayne G. Smolda 


The CEI Group Inc.
Trevose, PA

Wayne G. Smolda, Chief Executive Officer of The CEI Group, Inc., founded the company in 1983. A 1969 graduate of La Salle University with a degree in business administration, he was employed as a financial analyst and business consultant before entering the fleet industry. A 2010 inductee into the Fleet Hall of Fame, he launched the DriverCare safety services brand in 2002 which includes the DriverCare.com risk management application, and in 2003 introduced CEI to the European marketplace. Smolda is a partner of CSI Holdings, Inc., one of the largest operators of a collision repair shop chain. He is on the board of directors of Arbitration Forums, Inc., a non-profit firm that provides arbitration and subrogation services to the property and casualty insurance industry, and has also served on the board of directors of Provident Washington, a multi-regional insurance company.

25 years

ImageHarold Idell
Managing Director
Memphis, TN

A Member of the St. Louis chapter, Harold joined NAFA on January 1, 1987.

NAFA thanks Harold for twenty five years with the Association! It is the strength of Members like him that have helped make NAFA the fleet industry’s strongest association.