Honorary Lifetime Memory Award

Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Honorary Membership recognizes outstanding service to NAFA, the fleet administration profession, the automotive industry, a community, state or nation. Typically, Honorary Membership is awarded to an individual at the end of his/her fleet career and allows the individual to stay connected to NAFA. 

Honorary Membership may also be awarded to dignitaries and other industry notables whom NAFA wishes to recognize.


Mary Sticha, CAFM (retired)


Joe LaRosa, (retired)

Ron Lasman, (retired) Subaru of America


Tim Llewellyn, City of Kirkland



Bob Johnson, NTEA Director of Fleet Relations

Greg Asadoorian, now retired from INVENSYS


Before 2015

John McCorkhill, CFM/CAFM® and Charles “Chuck” Parker receive their awards
from NAFA President Douglas Weichman, CAFM® (2011-2013).


Jon Crull, CAFM®, receives his award from 
NAFA President Christopher Amos, CAFM® (2009-2011).

Bestowed upon those with exemplary and personal contributions to the Association.

Don Allen (1988)
Emil Ames
George Argueta (2001)
Warren Begas
Robert Berke
Edward Bobit (1993)
Don Callum
A.J. “Al” Cavalli
Sal Crimi
Jon Crull, CAFM® (2009)
Bill Estill
Jack Gatrost
Sal Giacchi, CFM/CAFM® (2002)
B.L. Groser
Alfred Hawley
O.D. Hawn
J. Paul Hubbard
David Hubbs
Lee Iacocca
Gerald Keenan
S. Les Landau
Walter Langseder
J.A. Latimer
Sam Lee
Theodore “Ted” Less (1996)
Emil Loeffler
David Long
Tom Lubas (2010)
John McCorkhill, CFM/CAFM® (2012)
Keith McLaughlin (2006)
Bob Miesen (2000)
Windell Mitchell (2013)
A.E. “Gene” Munroe
Patrick O’Connor (1995)
Frank O’Leary
Charles “Chuck” Parker (2012)
Floyd Piper
H.A. Pries
James G. Rallo (1997)
Don Rittenhouse (1998)
Patrick Starr (1991)
Robert Stirling
Lee Westberg
George Wilson
George Young