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11/07/2018 | All Purchases – Except Membership – Are Disabled Until Nov. 15, 2018 is being upgraded!  For a brief period, our online visitors will not be able to make purchases or access previously purchased items (such as webinars and CAFM®/CAFS® materials).
However, you will be able to join NAFA or renew your NAFA membership.  All other transactions will be disabled.
NAFA asks that you return to on Thursday morning, Nov. 15, 2018, to make your purchases, following our website upgrade.
If you have urgent purchase or access needs, please email NAFA at or call us at 609-720-0882 so we can serve you during this brief upgrade period.

11/05/2018 | Action Requested by November 9: Legislative Alert to NAFA Members

We need your help to urge Congress to extend the alternative fuels and biodiesel tax credits, which cut the costs of operating a fleet and reduce harmful environmental impacts. Unfortunately, these tax credits expired at the end of 2017. We now have a critical window of opportunity to push Congress to extend these credits through 2022.

11/05/2018 | Maximizing The Auction Experience

Consider it the tale of two sedans: A couple of Ford Five Hundreds, same model year, similar mileage, both up for auction. One represented the best of times, and the other, the worst. The difference? One of the vehicles had a glowing check engine light – and as a result, garnered $3,000 less in the sale price.

11/05/2018 | The Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program And How It May Benefit Future Fleets

Driving rain, whiteout conditions, smoke, or the more mundane road obstruction just far enough out of sight, are all things that can grind vehicles to a halt or create a major hazard. It won’t always be this way. Thanks to technological innovations now being tested on roads in North America through the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program, fleet vehicles of the future will be able to “see” things that their drivers can’t with the naked eye.