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12/03/2018 | NAFA CEO Phil Russo, CAE: Thankful For the Gift of You

NAFA is all about elevating the fleet profession and providing means by which you can learn from and share with your colleagues. That sharing, that community, is what defines NAFA; it’s part of our DNA, and it’s why we exist. And it’s why I love working for NAFA. I love being part of a community in which everyone honestly wants to help each other.

12/03/2018 | Fleet Policies: Creating a Robust Framework

A basic tenet of fleet management is to have a policy framework that supports the full range of fleet operations.
This is listed as one of the eleven essentials of fleet management, yet, many fleets have no formally adopted policies and many others have weak or ambiguous statements.

12/03/2018 | Fleet Policies: Nesting Fleet Policies In Your Strategic Plan

An organization without a strategic plan is like a ship without a compass; it will lack direction and the ability to fulfill its purpose. In a similar vein, the organization lacking a robust policy framework is like a ship without a
competent crew; it may have a known direction, but is lacking the basic ingredients to get where it needs to go.

12/03/2018 | Predictive Analytics: Optimizing Data To Get The Most Out Of Your Vehicles

Many organizations use mileage and/or months-in-service to determine when to cycle their assets. This method, however, doesn’t take into account the great variation in vehicle usage that can occur across a fleet or how the vehicle may have been driven. This is where predictive analytics and leveraging big data can give fleet managers a clearer picture of the condition of their vehicles by using a model that incorporates factors such as maintenance history, driver behavior, age, and mileage.

12/03/2018 | Bill Toth Jr., Director Of GSA’s Office Of Fleet Management

the sheer number of vehicles and drivers managed by the federal General Services Administration (GSA) is enough to make a fleet manager’s head spin: 50,000 vehicles procured every year, 215,000 vehicles leased, and more than 1 million drivers. How does any one person begin to put their arms around an operation that large? FLEETSolutions went to the one person that knows – NAFA Member Bill Toth Jr., Director of GSA’s Office of Fleet Management – to get his perspective on the special challenges of managing a fleet of such proportions.

12/03/2018 | Bruce Chesson, Transportation Officer, Kennedy Space Center, NASA

Bruce Chesson faces the kinds of challenges all fleet managers deal with. His fleet, on the other hand, is anything but typical. “When I speak to people and say that I am with NASA, everyone kind of raises their head and perks up a bit,” Chesson said. “They look at you a bit differently.” Chesson is Transportation Officer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida, which has the equivalent size and operational requirements of a small city: 700 facilities span the center’s 144,000 acres.