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09/24/2019 | NAFA Launches Enhanced Online Career Center

NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the vehicle fleet industry’s largest membership association, announced today the launch of its enhanced online Career Center, a brand-new tool that connects fleet and mobility professionals across all disciplines with employers offering career opportunities. “The new NAFA Career Center provides our members with opportunities to both hire well-qualified professionals and enhance their own career growth – both being essential to our mission of serving the fleet and mobility profession,” said NAFA’s Interim CEO, Bill Schankel, CAE.

09/05/2019 | Be A Part of NAFA's Sponsored Webinars

NAFA announces its Call for Presentations for NAFA’s 2020 Webinar Series. These in-office, up to 60 minutes, seminars focus on current industry topics and trends and are delivered by fleet industry experts. Webinars are an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge and leadership in a given area. 
If you would like to be considered, please submit your topic and speaker information today by clicking here.

09/05/2019 | When Fleet Goes to Court (And When It Doesn’t)

If you are an organization that manages vehicles — from small sedans for the sales team to heavy-duty trucks for
interstate transport — you’re going to have to contend with a crash. Even the most conscientious company is at risk because, after all, they are sharing the roads with others who may not be.

Shari Goggin, Senior Litigation Counsel at Fee, Smith, Sharp and Vitullo LLP, knows this well. As an attorney, she has represented many companies from the investigation stage through jury verdict and appeal up to and including the Illinois Supreme Court and U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She has experienced more than 95 jury and bench trials involving vehicle liability.

09/05/2019 | Data Safety: How Do You Protect Your Fleet from Hackers?

How many police academies train officers for these scenarios?

Officers are sitting in an undercover police car, staking out a drug kingpin. Out of nowhere, the car is surrounded by armed men because the bad guys hacked into the police network to find out vehicle locations. What about a terrorist attack response that is dramatically slowed down because police vehicles are remotely disabled, wherever they sit?

Today’s increasingly connected vehicles provide a trove of data and insight, but that brings another worry, especially for law enforcement fleet professionals: The valuable data also might be of interest to criminals.

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09/05/2019 | Congress Eyes Short-Term Job Training Programs: Legislation Could Help Fleets Address Technician Shortage

Fleet continues to face a significant challenge: building a pipeline of qualified vehicle technicians to service the wide range of equipment in modern fleets.

Retirements, increasing use of advanced technology in vehicles, and a competitive job market have taken their tolls on fleet shops. Thankfully, Congress is contemplating action that may ease this need.

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09/05/2019 | Communication Is the Key to Prepping for Rapid Change

Two hard truths: Not all managerial situations that demand quick action are necessarily disasters or even crises. A quick change can be precipitated by an executive mandate or managerial changes at your organization and the subsequent call to “clean house.”
Other times, change is not man-made and hardly predictable. The fleets that handle the unexpected with great success can make those on-the-fly changes with minimal friction because they have been preparing for them for years.
It’s not a sleight-of-hand magic trick. It’s a necessity that managers prepare far in advance not only for the wins but also when everything hits the fan. Two seasoned NAFA members share their experiences and guidance about how to flip that switch and set crisis remediation into motion.

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