NAFA 2019 Legislative Fly-In Recap

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Release date: 10/8/2019

NAFA 2019 Legislative Fly-In Recap

On September 26-27, NAFA advocacy leaders gathered in Washington, D.C., for NAFA’s 2019 Legislative Fly-In. As part of the event, attendees heard from allied organizations from across the auto industry, federal agency staff, Congressional staff, and a variety of subject matter experts on the issues that stand to impact fleet managers and their organizations.

The event culminated in a day of meetings with lawmakers, to urge their support for NAFA’s top advocacy priorities including the following legislation and issues:

  • Renewal of tax incentives that help make the business case for acquiring alternative-fueled vehicles that offer improvements in efficiency and sustainability (S. 617/H.R. 3301)
  • Greater congressional oversight on trade-related actions and the impact of current and potential tariffs on fleets, consumers and the auto industry (S. 365 /H.R. 1008 and S. 287/H.R. 940).
    S. 1094/H.R. 2256, The Driving America Forward Act, to expand the cap on the 30D plug-in electric vehicle tax credit
  • Protecting open access to vehicle-generated data for owners and lessees of vehicles
  • Preserving the 5.9GHz spectrum band for transportation safety technologies until research and testing to ensure safe use been completed