How To Be A Virtual Fleet Manager

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Release date: 1/14/2019

How To Be A Virtual Fleet Manager
By Donald Dunphy

Imagine your fleet management office being in almost any location other than your organization’s headquarters.

It’s no secret that many do more than imagine it every day. In fact, for fleet professionals who oversee global or national operations, or work for companies where nearly all the vehicles are decentralized, remote workplaces are necessities.

How can both organizations and fleet employees benefit from working remotely or from home, what must they provide each other to enable or prove their work, and how is the data being protected when it flows from outside of the confines of the office network? FLEETSolutions spoke with individuals who have made these advancements work for them.

Can You Incorporate “Mobility” Into Your Job? - Fleet managers are attuned to the mobility-focused evolution of their fleets, but how about mobility in their own jobs? “When my current position was advertised a number of years ago, it was specifically identified as a ‘virtual’ position, right out of the box,” said NAFA Regular Member J.J. Keig, CAFM®, Corporate Fleet Manager - The Americas for commercial real estate services and investment firm CBRE Inc. “That was a little over four years ago, and was seen as a very progressive action.”

It may sound counterintuitive that a fleet manager isn’t traveling him or herself. In the new reality of mobility services, it’s not necessarily about what gets you there, but about achieving the most efficient way of getting the work done. Sometimes that means “flying in” the work on the internet.

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