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01/30/2019 | Global Fleet Conference Registration Opens

Registration for the 2019 Global Fleet Conference is now open, and the conference is offering a $100 discount early-bird special for those who register by May 2.  NAFA Fleet Management Association is an Association Partner of the event.

01/14/2019 | How To Be A Virtual Fleet Manager

Imagine your fleet management office being in almost any location other than your organization’s headquarters.

It’s no secret that many do more than imagine it every day. In fact, for fleet professionals who oversee global or national operations, or work for companies where nearly all the vehicles are decentralized, remote workplaces are necessities.

How can both organizations and fleet employees benefit from working remotely or from home, what must they provide each other to enable or prove their work, and how is the data being protected when it flows from outside of the confines of the office network? FLEETSolutions spoke with individuals who have made these advancements work for them.

01/14/2019 | Fleet Policies: Help Has Arrived, Templates And Sample Policy Statements You Can Use

In the two previous parts of the Fleet Policy Series, the policy framework and how it is nested in an organization’s strategic plan was covered. Your fleet management manual should describe the guiding principles, responsibilities, and regulations regarding the use of fleet vehicles.

This installment will cover what that manual should look like and will provide a policy outline as well as sample policy statements on various topics.

01/14/2019 | What Do Fleet Managers Do For Fun On Their Summer Vacation?

What do you get when you put together a German family (in which it is the parents’ first time to America), an American family (whose parents are both fleet directors), and a 2001 Ford E-450? An awesome road trip, that’s what, and a story about the evolution of mobility across North America (but I’m getting ahead of myself).

01/14/2019 | NAFA Member Wins Green Fleet Award

NAFA Regular Member Ron Wirth, Fleet Advance Planning and Sustainability Manager, Fleet Services Division, County of Sacramento, Calif., claimed the top spot in the 100 Best Fleets’ 2018 Green Fleet Awards. The ceremony took place at the Sustainable Technology Conference in Durham, N.C. on August 21, 2018.

01/14/2019 | The Finer Points Of Fleet Data

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” – Microsoft founder Bill Gates

The fleet management industry has seen an evolution in recent years centered on information technology (IT) and vehicle data. With the advent of telematics devices and vehicle tracking systems, fleet managers are utilizing IT more than ever.

The statistics provided by these tools can be used to reduce vehicle downtime, keep up with preventative maintenance, improve driver safety, make informed decisions when selecting new vehicles, and more.

01/14/2019 | Diagnostic Alert!

From Preventative Reminders to Predicting Trouble, Diagnostic Capabilities Are Becoming More Reliable and Beneficial

The world of connected vehicles certainly gets the attention. Yes, it is entertaining to think about a driverless car to take you to your next business meeting, or groceries arriving from the store without the need to tip the delivery person.

Some might view these scenarios with excitement, while others, with a bit of fright. Regardless, there is still somewhat of a stagger step between the world of fully autonomous vehicles and now.

01/09/2019 | 2019 Global Fleet Conference Adds Third Day

The 2019 Global Fleet Conference will add a bonus third day to the agenda, up from its traditional two-day format, now held June 4-6 at the Hilton Miami Downtown, and its schedule is now available online. The Global Fleet Conference, of which NAFA Fleet Management Association is an Association Partner, will kick off with an overview on the top 10 megatrends that will influence the future of global fleet management, which will be followed by five concurrent deep-dive sessions on topics pertinent to global fleet management, including safety, productivity, mobility, and complex fleet management.

01/08/2019 | NAFA Becomes Association Partner with Bobit Business Media for 2019 Global Fleet Conference

NAFA Fleet Management Association, the vehicle fleet industry’s largest trade association, is proud to announce it will be an association partner with Bobit Business Media (BBM) for the 2019 Global Fleet Management Conference, taking place June 4-6 in Miami.

01/03/2019 | Fleet Excellence Awards Nominations Now Open; Honor Your Peers, Clients, or Your Own Achievements

Every fleet management professional is welcome to submit an entry for the FLEXYs, regardless of where in the world their or their clients' fleets are based. Nominees are not required to be Members of NAFA Fleet Management Association and are not required to have a CAFM® certification.

There is no cost for submissions, and you can submit today at this location. NOMINATIONS CLOSE FEBRUARY 1, so don't delay!

01/03/2019 | Honor Excellence Within NAFA by Nominating Worthy Members For NAFA's National Awards

Do you know a NAFA member who exemplifies the best of leadership qualities? NAFA’s National Award Program allows the Association to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to NAFA or the fleet profession in specific areas or over targeted periods of time. Download the nomination form and help us identify and honor our best.
The award categories include: Distinguished Service Award, Honorary Membership Award, Excellence in Education Award, and Outstanding Service Award.