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07/30/2019 | In Memoriam: NAFA Past President Patrick J. Sheehan (1931 - 2019)

NAFA Past President Patrick J. Sheehan (1983 - 1985) died July 27, 2019, following a long illness. He is survived by his wife of 64 years. Sheehan was a 1949 graduate of St. Ignatius College Prep and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1955 having had his education interrupted to serve in the Air Force. He spent more than 30 years at Baxter Healthcare as a Director of Corporate Fleet. He was an early member of NAFA, rising through its executive leadership to serve as president and was recognized for more than 50 years of service to the organization. He was also an advisor to Ford Motor Corporation.

07/17/2019 | NAFA’s Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar Prepares Fleet Professionals by Growing Their Toolbox with Successful Strategies

NAFA Fleet Management Association, the vehicle fleet industry’s largest trade association, announces details of its annual Essentials of Fleet Management Seminar (EFMS), taking place October 7-9, 2019, in Phoenix, Ariz. Details and registration are at

07/08/2019 | NAFA Presents Roster of Informative Webinars for Second Half of 2019

NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the vehicle fleet industry’s largest membership association, presents a packed roster of webinars on important transportation-related topics to fill the second half of 2019. The entire calendar of offerings is available at

07/02/2019 | Succession Planning Is Key to Professional Continuity

In a world in which vacancies may mean the full-time equivalent shifts to another department or in which a fleet professional suddenly juggles additional responsibilities, having the next hire identified makes sense. And it may prove
more valuable than simply filling the job.

07/02/2019 | Disasters Don’t Wait: Key Preparation Steps You Need to Take

With natural disasters, needs abound. But there’s one thing that fleet professionals consistently discover is more valuable than gold: fuel. Ask anyone who has faced a major event, whether flooding, tornado, hurricane, ice storm, or otherwise, and they’ll say much the same: Any type of disaster preparation simply must include plans for fuel sites, generators, and options for additional resources if needed. It’s also important to consider all types of fuel that are used. Of course, that’s only the start.

07/02/2019 | NAFA 2019 I&E Investigates Broad Changes to Fleet

At no time in recent history have fleet professionals needed to consider so many shifts to their fundamental work requirements. It’s not a surprise. Each day, the business media buzzes with reports concerning the continued rise of electric and autonomous vehicles, the integration of drone technology into everyday delivery practices, and the implications these changes might have on the tried-and-true business model. The themes of disruptive technologies and mobility were threaded throughout NAFA’s 2019 Institute & Expo, which took place April 15-17 in Louisville, Kentucky, and culminated in a multi-session track on the last day devoted to “the mobility revolution.”

07/02/2019 | NAFA's Call for Presentations Now Open: Be a Part of the 2020 Institute & Expo!

NAFA has opened the Call for Presentations for the 2020 Institute & Expo, taking place April 6-8, 2020, in Indianapolis, Indiana. We want to hear from all walks of fleet professionals, but especially our fleet managers.