For Marianne Stewart, Fleet Management Is A Perfect Fit

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Release date: 3/22/2019

For Marianne Stewart, Fleet Management Is A Perfect Fit
Bill Romba

Marianne Stewart, CAFM, Owner of MSC Corporate Fleet Services, LLC, was the recipient of the 2018 Associate Member of the Year award.

Having been involved in the fleet industry for 18 years, Stewart has also been a member of NAFA’s Old Dominion Chapter for 17 of those years.

“Serving in a volunteer capacity is an honor and a privilege for me,” she said of her experience as a NAFA member.
“I find it personally rewarding to share the passion for this industry; but, I am most honored that industry experts and my esteemed colleagues, from whom I continue to learn, chose me as a recipient of an award that signifies excellence.”

After getting her start in fleet through a former employer’s restructuring initiatives, Stewart found the industry to
be a perfect fit for her. “Since I majored in Business, fleet management is a great fit – filled with diversity, human interactions, feasibility studies, analytics, etc. – so it has held my interest for the long term. The industry is evolutionary. Every day is different, challenging and fun,” she explained.

When she’s not working, Stewart prefers to spend her free time with her horses – in the barn, trail riding and
camping — and listening to classical music.

Stewart was nominated for this award because of her valued contributions as a volunteer in various NAFA programs and
initiatives. “I’ve been a participant on numerous NAFA committees in various capacities and either contributed or led
several NAFA projects, including guide re-writes and webinars, which will hopefully be good resources for upcoming
fleet managers.”

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