At General Mills, Adam Orth Prioritizes Driver Flexibility, Choice

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Release date: 3/22/2019

At General Mills, Adam Orth Prioritizes Driver Flexibility, Choice
Bill Romba

Adam Orth, CAFM, Fleet Services Manager for General Mills Inc., was the proud recipient of 2018’s Fleet Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievements in Corporate Fleet Management. “I was extremely excited to be nominated, but receiving the award was fantastic,” said Orth. “To me, this is an award I highly value and one that is a representation of many years of hard work within the industry. To be both nominated and recognized with/by my peers in this fantastic industry is a great feeling.”

Orth conducted an in-depth total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis and developed a TCO budget impact tool. Using these, he was able to analyze costs and driver needs, compared personal use fees, and projected variable fees.
“As everyone (in the industry) knows, it takes many factors to make changes to a fleet, especially for sales,” said Orth. “I was hired during the planning stages of this project, which was rewarding for me, as I knew I would be able to contribute and make a difference for the fleet right away. After numerous discussions with both sales and HR leadership, the project was given approval. The entire basis of the project was to allow more driver flexibility and choice via more vehicle options and varied personal use fees. Not only did my team update our program in a positive way, but we were able to save money.“

“Our team learned (via survey) that we have a fleet of satisfied drivers who value our program, which to us is most

While it is always important to have a strong concept, Orth said that the most critical and difficult thing was his team’s
execution and communication.

“We made sure the drivers knew exactly what the changes were, why they were being made, and what the benefits
were,” he said. “My team helped them along the entire process through Q&A calls, FAQ documents, ordering toolkits,
and informational guides. If you provide people with the proper knowledge and tools to make an important decision (like
ordering a car that works for their job and their family) it sets everyone in the process up for success. Communication
that was understandable was the key to our success.”

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