Protect Yourself Against Unauthorized I&E 2020 Housing Providers

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Release date: 5/28/2019

NAFA’s Institute & Expo (I&E) brings thousands of fleet professionals from around the world. With that volume of travelers, many third-party companies, some of which are proven scammers, take notice and begin soliciting attendees for hotel and travel services.  NAFA does not work with or authorize any organizations to use the NAFA or I&E names and logos to solicit attendees for lodging.   

All booking information and links for NAFA’s official housing blocks will be available through I&E’s official website and NAFA’s newsletters. NAFA never uses direct email or phone solicitation for I&E lodging services, and cautions attendees to not make reservations through any unknown housing or travel company.

Often, these third-party companies ask for payment in full up front and offer no customer service or refunds when upon arrival the hotel has no reservation or incorrect information. NAFA is not responsible for these bookings and in fact has no standing to assist with these bookings.  Should you wish to book outside of NAFA’s website, NAFA recommends booking directly with your hotel of choice.

The companies listed below are known to have solicited past I&E attendees with hotel options. Because these companies have no connection with NAFA, the Association DOES NOT recommend using their services:

A&C Marketing: 352-375-0086 or 352-264-0044
Allied Acquisition Services: 888-908-8155 or 212-441-3140 or 855-987-4400
CBB-Housing: 888-709-8423 or 323-283-8082
CH Planners: 800-801-4174
Convention Hotel Services: 855-265-1061
Convention Housing Authority: 212-441-3140
Convention Housing Services
Corporate Booking Services; CBS International
Exhibition Housing Management/EHM Travel: 866-367-4414
Executive Events: 888-393-5217
Exhibition Speed Services: 302-272-9066
Exhibitor Housing Services: 800-217-4402
Expo Housing Services/EHS: 866-319-3976
GE Group Travel: 888-467-7279
Global Housing Corp.
Global Housing Management: 877-410-9927
Global Travel Planner: 571-349-0063 / 310-882-5489
National Travel Accommodations/NTA: 877-595-7666
National Travel Associates
Tira Convention Travel Management/Group Tira: 877-607-3888
Trade Show Housing: 877-577-1806.
Trade Show Planners LLC: 888-511-3437
661-748-0240 (no company is associated with this Skype phone number)

If you have received a solicitation from any of these companies, or from any other company, offering to assist you in making your hotel reservations — through regular mail, email, or by phone — please contact NAFA's Director of Meetings and Events, Tina Lynn Mercardo, at or 609-986-1050. Please include how you were solicited and if NAFA trademarks were used; sending us copies of mail or email solicitations would be most helpful.