NAFA's RFP Automator is Efficient and Comprehensive

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Release date: 5/28/2019


NAFA’s Online Buyer's Guide is the most effective way to present and learn about the products and services you use. And with the Online Buyer's Guide's RFP Automator, you can make the process of reaching out to these companies easier and more effective.

By clicking on the RFP (request for proposal) Automator link, you can request project bids from the companies or vendors of your choice. You can enter a specific Request for Information, and get private, personalized responses delivered to your inbox. By providing more specific information in the data field on the page, NAFA will pass the request on to our large vendor network. Vendors can then respond to the parameters of these specific requests via email.

No one will call you unless you request them to and provide your number. Additionally, your email address will not be stored by our system and will only be used for specific requests you initiate.

Check out NAFA's Online Buyer's Guide here. Click into any category to find the RFP Automator to get started!

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