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05/28/2019 | When Making Transport Policy, Don’t Forget How It Affects Company Vehicles

NAFA CEO Phillip E. Russo, CAE: "I am pleased to share with you my op-ed piece that ran in a recent issue of The Hill Times, a twice-weekly Canadian newspaper covering the Parliament of Canada, the federal government, and other federal political news."

05/28/2019 | Fleet Fundamentals to Take Center Stage at NAFA's EFMS in Phoenix

Register now for NAFA's Essentials of Fleet Management (EFMS)! This three-day, live event October 7-9 in Phoenix is your chance to learn alongside a classroom of fleet managers about the fundamental principles of running an efficient fleet. Most importantly, you'll have the chance to build a network of peers who are experiencing the same challenges you are, and can help you find solutions.

05/28/2019 | NAFA's RFP Automator is Efficient and Comprehensive

NAFA’s Online Buyer's Guide is the most effective way to present and learn about the products and services you use. And with the Online Buyer's Guide's RFP Automator, you can make the process of reaching out to these companies easier and more effective. By clicking on the RFP (request for proposal) Automator link, you can request project bids from the companies or vendors of your choice. You can enter a specific Request for Information, and get private, personalized responses delivered to your inbox.

05/28/2019 | Protect Yourself Against Unauthorized I&E 2020 Housing Providers

Although the hotel reservation period for NAFA’s 2020 Institute & Expo in Indianapolis doesn’t start until December, NAFA reminds you that unauthorized housing providers may already be soliciting your business!  Be alert for third-party lodging companies, some of which have proven to be scammers, as they attempt to sell you lodging and travel services.  Protect yourself and note that NAFA does not work with or authorize any organizations to use the NAFA or I&E names and logos to solicit attendees for lodging, and NAFA does not sell your contact information.

05/27/2019 | Register for Next Wednesday's Webinar, "The Electrification Checklist: Making the Right xEV Decisions for Your Fleet"

The slate of NAFA webinars for 2019 is online, including "The Electrification Checklist: Making the Right xEV Decisions for Your Fleet," which takes place next Wednesday, June 5. NAFA webinars are available for FREE for all NAFA Members as an exclusive benefit of membership. Registration for non-members is $25. Register now and expand your skillset through these informative education opportunities.

05/21/2019 | NAFA’s 2019 Institute & Expo Featured a Variety of Fleet Industry “Firsts”

NAFA Fleet Management Association (NAFA), the vehicle fleet industry’s largest membership organization, announces its 2019 Institute & Expo (I&E), recently held in Louisville, Ky., featured a variety of “firsts” for the fleet industry. Among them, Mobility Day, CAFM U, and the Supplier Education Track.

05/20/2019 | Register for This Wednesday's Webinar, "How to Reduce Your Fueling Expenses by More Than 20 Percent with On-Site Fueling"

The slate of NAFA webinars for 2019 is online, including "How to Reduce Your Fueling Expenses by More Than 20 Percent with On-Site Fueling," which takes place this Wednesday, May 22. NAFA webinars are available for FREE for all NAFA Members as an exclusive benefit of membership. Registration for non-members is $25. Register now and expand your skillset through these informative education opportunities.

05/17/2019 | Fleet Management Company Executives Reveal Their Visions for Fleet

A perennial favorite of I&E attendees, the Fleet Management Executive Panel returned once again to I&E in 2019. This session afforded attendees the opportunity to hear directly from the leaders of major fleet management companies as they discussed what they see coming in the near future with regard to procurement, sourcing, inventory, sustainability, global expansion, and much more.

05/17/2019 | Jeff Jeter Receives NAFA'S Distinguished Service Award

During the Annual Business Meeting on Sunday, April 14, NAFA Immediate Past President Bryan Flansburg, CAFM®, honored Jeff Jeter with NAFA’s Distinguished Service Award. It is the Association's highest form of recognition. Jeter recently concluded his term as Vice President on NAFA's Board of Directors.

05/17/2019 | NAFA Announces Peter Belloli, CAFM®, as 2019 Outstanding Service Award Winner

At NAFA's Annual Business Meeting on April 14, NAFA President Patti Earley, CAFM, honored Peter Belloli, CAFM, for his commitment to NAFA and its chapters. "Peter has been Chair of the NAFA New England Chapter for more than five years, which is three years more than the average, but there’s a reason for this," Earley explained. "His goal has always been to do what’s best and right for the New England Chapter, and during a time of need for the chapter, he stepped up and took on the challenges that others were not equipped to handle."

05/17/2019 | Mary Sticha, CAFM®, Receives NAFA's Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

NAFA’s Honorary Membership recognizes outstanding service to NAFA, the fleet administration profession, the automotive industry, a community, state, or nation. No one could argue that Mary Sticha, CAFM, is a perfect example of this. "Honorary Membership is awarded to an individual at the end of their fleet career and allows them the ability to stay connected to NAFA," said NAFA President Patti Earley, CAFM, noting that Sticha was about to retire from Element Fleet Management.

05/08/2019 | Six Key Steps When You Are Required to Pull Driving Privileges

Pulling driving privileges from fleet drivers is not one of the more exciting duties of a fleet manager, but it is an absolute necessity at times. When drivers are not driving safely or have bad driving habits, it puts your employees, other drivers on the road, and your company or organization at extreme risk. When evaluating if you should suspend driving privileges from a driver, it is important that you collaborate with other departments in your organization or institution such as Risk Management, Human Resources, and Legal.

05/08/2019 | Safety First: FMCSA’s Raymond P. Martinez Looks to Champion Safety for Drivers and the Public

"Everyone wants to get home safely at the end of the day," said Raymond P. Martinez, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). "And it’s my job to help make sure that happens by regulating and monitoring motor carriers and enforcing rules related to their operation."

"It is also my job to make sure that the few who have not fully [rallied] to this cause are educated and guided to safer practices or that further measures are taken to mitigate their impacts," he added.

05/08/2019 | The Changing Fuels Market: What Alternative Fuel Vehicles Mean for Fleets

Gasoline-powered automobiles are still the kings of the road. But, as automotive technology continues to advance, vehicles that run on alternative, more renewable fuels are beginning to challenge those powered by traditional internal combustion. More and more automakers are offering hybrid versions of some of their popular cars and trucks, while others are developing cars that run on alternative fuels like electricity, propane, and hydrogen.

05/02/2019 | NAFA’s 2019 I&E: An Open Letter to NAFA Members from Michael Bieger and John Bieger

What was it like to be an attendee at NAFA’s 2019 Institute & Expo? Michael Bieger, past President of the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA), and business partner John Bieger, provide an engaging open letter to NAFA members with a ground-floor view of fleet’s largest event, insight gained, miles walked, and the food.

05/01/2019 | NAFA's I&E Expo Floor, Brought To You By Facebook Live

For the second year in a row, NAFA was broadcasting on Facebook Live from the I&E Expo floor to bring you the latest fleet innovations and expert analysis on current topics. Whether you were able to attend NAFA’s 2019 Institute and Expo, or if you weren't able to make the trip to Louisville and want to check out some of what you missed, these fun and informative videos are a great way to catch a glimpse of what took place on the 2019 I&E Expo floor