NAFA’s Institute & Expo Proclaims The VMT Road Tax Era is Near

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Contact: Bill Romba
NAFA Fleet Management Association

Release date: 6/14/2017

(APRIL 01, 2016 — PRINCETON, NJ) – NAFA’s annual conference, the Institute & Expo (I&E), is founded on the mission to educate, inform, and prepare. This year’s conference takes place in Austin, Texas, April 19-22 and has a full roster of education sessions to achieve those goals, including the standout session “The VMT Road Tax Era is Near.”

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT for short) is an acronym getting a lot of use lately. As drivers — fleet or otherwise — look to sustainable, alternative fuel options, gas tax revenue is poised to take a hit. The solution: drivers will have to install a device in their cars that record how many miles they’ve driven, and they will be taxed per mile based on those figures. Some call it an infringement on privacy and liberty. Some say it handicaps the alternative energy movement by defeating money-saving ideas. Still others say it is absolutely necessary to maintain necessary revenue. States are beginning trials, and if successful, this could signal a radical change in the fleet world.

“The fleet profession is constantly changing, just as the automotive world changes. The technology changes, the best practices adapt, fuel types and availability remain imperative and volatile topics, and NAFA’s I&E is positioned to bring attendees up-to-speed on all of it,” said NAFA Chief Executive Officer Phillip E. Russo, CAE. “The I&E’s reputation as ‘the event of the year for fleet professionals’ is solidly backed by what’s now and what’s next in fleet.”

The session “The VMT Road Tax Era is Near” will be held on Tuesday, April 19.Those in attendance will learn about the current status of VMT systems – which states are piloting programs, which are looking into programs, and how adoption of VMT’s will affect fleet’s operational structure. Attendees will also learn how this will affect their relationships with fuel suppliers and what organizations can do to minimize travel and, at the same time, minimize their taxation burden.

This is just a sample of the four days of education to be found at NAFA’s Institute & Expo which attracts thousands of fleet professionals from throughout the world for four days of education, networking, and motivation to bring back to the office.

“NAFA is confident that attendees will be impressed by what they find at this year’s conference,” concluded Russo. “And, what’s more, they will be bringing this transformative information back to their organizations to make substantive changes and improvements.”

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About NAFA’s Institute & Expo

The 2016 Institute & Expo takes place April 19-22 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. The event program, created by fleet managers for fleet managers, features fleet training, education, and workshops; and an Expo Floor consisting of more than 200 companies showcasing their products and services, including the Expo Floor Green Zone, showcasing the latest products and services touting sustainable practices. The International Fleet Academy pre-conference event on April 18, 2016 offers comprehensive insight into the world of global fleet management. For more information visit