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When you donate to the non-profit NAFA Foundation’s premiere Cornerstones of Fleet Campaign, you will be a critical player in the future of the fleet and mobility industry.
You will grow our mission to strategically advance the profession – through beneficial industry research, education, partnerships, and scholarships.  Plus, you can enjoy exclusive perks, including tickets to special Foundation events, input on shaping research studies, seats on the advisory committee, and more!

See the Exclusive Donor Benefits!

Generous NAFA Foundation supporters funded these critical industry-related materials in 2018:

Help us sustain this tremendous momentum by clicking here to become a NAFA Foundation Cornerstone of Fleet donor. The NAFA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Please consult your tax advisor to determine the extent to which your gift qualifies as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Plus, these funds immediately go into action to continue the forward-thinking efforts that not only inform and challenge our industry but exemplify the best of what the fleet and mobility profession provides.
Corporations, individuals, or NAFA Chapters can pledge to the NAFA Foundation. Plus, you’ll be supporting the ambitious efforts the NAFA Foundation has planned for the coming year.
All contribution levels in the Cornerstones of Fleet campaign over $500 can be payable over three years, but benefits take effect immediately! (If you would like to split your payments please use the pledge form)

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Plus, the NAFA Foundation offers two additional ways to donate, in addition to the Cornerstones of Fleet campaign:
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