Bylaws & Policies

Mission, Bylaws, and Policies


NAFA propels the fleet and mobility profession through its world-class certification, education, advocacy, and peer networking programs, and is an essential element of success for individuals involved in the profession.

Core Values

Integrity: Demonstrated by uncompromised dedication to being a trusted, unbiased and credible source of information and expertise.

  • Leadership: Demonstrated by professional and personal pride in shaping the future of fleet and mobility management through education and advocacy.

  • Community: Demonstrated by professional and personal pride in being part of a collegial alliance of individuals with a common passion for excellence, mutual respect, shared experience and collective action.



  • Advocacy - NAFA will continue to grow as a thriving organization of industry stakeholders working together for a resilient, sustainable future.

  • Community - NAFA will continue to be the thriving community for peer interaction in the fleet and mobility industry.

  • Professional Development - NAFA will continue to provide fleet and mobility management professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Below are NAFA documents that relate to the association.