Frequently Asked Questions

My company is a member of NAFA. How do I get my name added to the membership roster?

Actually, NAFA does not have any company as a Member or an Affiliate. NAFA is a professional membership society, not a trade association. To join, click here or complete an application and send with payment to the NAFA office.

What is the difference between a Member and an Affiliate?

A Member is any individual responsible for the administration of a motor vehicle fleet of at least 25 passenger vehicles who is employed by a company or government agency and who is not engaged in the sale, rental or lease of, or service to, motor vehicles for companies other than his/her own. An Affiliate is any individual not eligible for membership status but who has a direct interest in motor vehicle fleet administration through the supply of products and/or services directly pertaining to the industry and who supports NAFA and subscribes to its aims and purposes. Click here for more details or to review the differences between full and associate membership, as well as full and regional affiliation.

I’m a member of a local NAFA chapter. How do I join the “national” association?

When one joins NAFA, one joins the Association and is placed within one of our 33 local chapters, according to the information provided on his/her application. The assigned chapter will be the local, official “NAFA home” for this professional; yet, he/she may participate in any or all chapters.

How is my chapter assigned?

We assign your chapter according to our chapter geographical boundaries and the address information you provide on your application. To review chapter boundaries, click here.

Do I join or does my company?

NAFA is not a trade association, but we are a professional membership association, in which individual professionals join. To join NAFA now, click here.

What is the difference between a Full and Regional Affiliate?

A company must first have a Full Affiliate on board with NAFA, before we can accept any Regional Affiliates. A Full Affiliate may “sponsor” up to 5 Regional Affiliates; the next person then needs to join as a Full Affiliate, who can in turn sponsor up to 5 Regional Affiliates; and so on.

What is the difference between a Full and Associate Member?

A company must have a Full Member unless they have a fleet of less than 25 vehicles. An Associate Member must either manage a fleet of less than 25 vehicles or report directly to and is supervised by a NAFA Full Member in good-standing. To review membership categories, click here.

Do chapters have annual dues or fees?

No, chapters do not have annual dues or fees. When you join NAFA, you become a Member or Affiliate of the international organization and become an official Member/Affiliate of one specific, local chapter. Chapters do have meeting fees for specific events, mini-conferences, and gatherings.

When can I join? Does membership work on a calendar year?

NAFA membership and affiliation does not work on a calendar year (January – December). You may join throughout the year, during any month and receive 12 full months of benefits.

How do I join?

To join NAFA, click here, or complete the appropriate application and send with payment to the NAFA office. You may fax it to (609) 452-8004; or email it to; or mail it to: NAFA, Inc., 125 Village Boulevard, Suite 200, Princeton, NJ 08540-5753 USA. Click here to access NAFA applications.